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3 Ways To Maximize Your Social Bookmarking Efforts

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make every day is how they finished off a blog post. When I talk about finishing off a blog post I’m really referring to social bookmarking it. In this article, let’s talk about 3 ways to maximize your social bookmarking efforts so you are getting the most out of each blog post that you possibly can.

A blog post can serve two purposes for your business. It can create content for your readers and it can serve as search engine bait as well.

It will not do that however if you do not take the time to bookmark each post when you are finished writing it. You stand an excellent chance to pick up new readers, if you will just take this extra step.

1. Social bookmarking a blog post can be easily done, if you are using WordPress is your blogging platform. The reason for this is they have a plug-in that allows you to quickly bookmark your post to some of the top online directories.

It will take a minute of your time to go and join these but at the very least I would suggest opening a free account with Stumbleupon, Digg, and Propeller. These three directories can bring you visitors every day when you bookmark your blog post to their social directory.

2. Another quick thing you can do is joining a list of directories at It’ll take you a few minutes to join over 20 of these, but once you do you can bookmark one blog post to all of them with one click.

This is a fantastic way to get your blog post into more directories quickly and create more search engine bait and free traffic.

3. The final thing I want to mention about social bookmarking your blog post is to be consistent in how you do it. Your real goal should be to post an article in your blog every day or several times a week.

You should also take the time to bookmark every post that you make regardless of the size of it. You never know when somebody is going to read something that interests them and lead him back to your blog.

You also never know what blog articles a search engine such as Google is going to pick up in rank you on page 1 for a targeted keyword.

In conclusion the way to maximize your social bookmarking efforts is to join the correct directories and then be consistent on your blogging and bookmarking habits.

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