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6 Things to Avoid Putting on Custom T Shirts You Buy Online

There is a lot of freedom in designing your own custom T shirts. Online shopping has made the process simple. You can express your thoughts and artistic ideas by putting them on a shirt for all to see. However, there are 7 things it is best to avoid putting on your T shirts.

1. Anything that infringes on a copyright. You might think it would be cool to use a logo from a product you like or a drawing you found online. You have to be doubly sure that that image is not owned by someone else before you use it. People spend time and money coming up with designs for their own purposes, and they do not always want to share them. You might be able to use copyrighted material, but only if you have permission from the owner.

2. Anything that promotes bigotry. It is not funny to put down others because of their race or ethnic group. It might seem that the days when anyone would think of putting racist slogans on a T shirt should be over. However, you need to think about your images and text before you send them to the printer. What may seem harmless to you might not seem so tame to anyone referred to in the caption.

3. T shirts with nudity, obscenity, or violence. Chances are you will be wearing your custom T shirts in the general public. Images or text that would get an R rating at the box office is offensive to most people who will see you wearing your shirt. It is sometimes better to choose a more appropriate subject.

4. An image or words that promote hate. Just because you have had a bad breakup or do not get along with your teacher, you have no right to advertise your hatred of that person. Wearing a shirt that encourages others to feel negatively about the object of your hateful feelings will not only cause problems for that person, but for you as well.

5. A design that encourages criminal activity. You cannot go around telling people how to make bombs or carry out a robbery. Most online makers of custom T shirts will not go along with printing shirts that tell details of how to commit crimes. Some will go so far as refusing to print shirts that even foster criminal attitudes.

6. Pictures without the permission of the subject. If you take a picture of your mother and put it on a T shirt, you will probably be okay. Your mother will be happy to give her consent to be put on your custom T shirts. However, if you invade someone’s privacy and take a picture when they are not aware of you, do not expect full use of the image. They can take legal action if you use their image on a shirt.

When you are doing your online shopping for custom T shirts, make sure you choose designs that will be suitable for public wear. It is not a good idea to use images you do not own. It is also not a good choice to ask your online store to make a shirt that is offensive.

Ron Subs works with Sonic Shack as a public relations consultant, more information about Sonic Shack can be found at

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