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Advertising Costs: Are They Worth It?

With the increase in number of ads the advertising costs are sky-rocketing. Every new or old company wants to advertise their product. Also advertisement is the only medium through which the company can inform the people about their new products, services, offers, etc. Advertising now-a-days is the difference between a highly successful industry and a moderately successful industry.

People have slowly but surely started understanding the importance of advertising and marketing and are investing money in this field. Quality and good ads can fetch you many customers. Various types of ads or ad campaigns have various prices. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before deciding the advertising cost. An advertisement can cost you even million of dollars. But, to get maximum customers and good business, companies are willing to pay this much money.

A TV commercial is the costliest form of advertising. There are many factors that need to be considered before the deciding the exact costs of a TV advertise.
1. Length: Length of the ad or the duration of the ad is the most deciding factor and long ads can cost you a fortune. The cost is applied on per second basis and depending on the length of the ad the advertiser will have to pay the money.
2. Frequency: This factor determines the number of times the ad will be broadcasted on the channel in a whole day or week or month as per the agreement.
3. Timing: Prime time TV ads cost more than the normal ads. Also ads that are broadcasted during special events like concerts, awards; matches, etc. usually cost more than the normal ads.
4. Brand ambassador: Depending on the start value of the person the brand ambassador of your company may demand money for acting in your ad. Famous sport personalities, movie stars, and other celebrities make for good brad ambassadors.
5. Creators, director and other crew: To make a good TV ad, good director, good concept, good creator, and good models are required. The advertiser has to bear the cost of all this.

Hence TV commercial is said to be the costliest form of advertising.

News paper ads are comparatively cheaper. The also news paper ads do not need any director or cameraman, and can help you save lot of money. The factors that contribute to the cost of news paper ad are:
1. Size: The newspapers usually sell their space on per cm sq. basis. Depending on the size of your ad you may need to pay the required amount.
2. Place: Another very important factor is the place where the ad is published. Front page and last page ads cost more as compared to middle page ads as they are considered premium spaces.
3. Popularity: depending on the popularity of the news paper and the number of subscribers the news paper may demand higher publishing cost for ads. Also color ads cost more than black and white ads.

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