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Are Shea Butter Skin Care Acne Treatments Really Effective?

Some acne products claim that shea butter as an active ingredient; one that is supposed to help eliminate acne. What exactly is shea butter, and how does it benefit a person’s skin? Do shea butter skin care acne products really work to eliminate acne? Read on as I discuss this particular subject that many are concerned with.

Shea butter is derived from a nut that originates from the Savannah Region of Africa. Many claim that shea butter is good for the treatment of skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema and acne; this generally held belief has lead to the production of many shea butter skin care acne products which I’m sure you have seen anywhere from your local supermarket to your high end health food shop.

One question many face is whether products containing shea butter are good for acne- prone skin, considering the fact that the term butter indicates an oily or greasy substance. Since acne results from excess oil and the presence of dirt and bacteria on a person’s skin, the question about the effectiveness of shea butter-based skin care acne products is legitimate, an analysis would be required to determine just how effective shea butter really is.

At this point it’s best to analyze the effectiveness of shea butter in treating acne by scrutinizing the effects that this substance has on a person’s skin. Shea butter helps treat scars and burns, and also has been known to help prevent skin rashes. This may be the reason why shea butter is considered an ideal substance for use in acne treatment programs despite its greasy moniker. This substance, which is included in beauty products aimed at treating conditions such as acne, blemishes, dandruff, dry skin and rashes, is used because of the versatility of its application.

Shea butter skin care acne products include soaps, ointments, creams and oils. Since oil is not advisable for those suffering from acne, you may need to ask your dermatologist about this before you use oils or creams made with shea butter. While shea butter skin care acne products may claim that the substance itself is beneficial to people with acne, the form it comes in may not benefit everyone. If you experiment with a shea butter skin care acne product that your doctor does not know about or does not recommend,
you might find yourself having more skin problems that need more remedies; basically, you’re back at square one in your fight against frequent acne.

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