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Article Submission Equals Free Traffic

In my humble opinion article submission should be the main “block” in any internet marketeers arsenal of seo (search engine optimisation) tactics. It is a proven resource that has been used extensively
and “successfully” by all of the “big players” in the im world today.Ultimately it is virtually the only free resource available on the web to create massive “laser targeted traffic” to “your” sites.

Article submission is one of the most popular ways of website promotion today.In essence article submission is the only free way to promote your website and link that produces real results almost immediately.Thankfully article submission is still a white-hat, ethical technique used by webmasters to gain new one way links and help promote their website or specific link urls. As I have certainly found article submission is an excellent way to brand yourself and your website with very little if any cost involved.

In my opinion article submission is the most “cost effective” way to promote your website as has been proven by many internet marketers. Undeniably article submission is one of the best ways to give weight to your products and services on the internet and best of all it’s “free”.Article submission is a proven way to get your site “traffic” and “links”, so “your” service or products get noticed around the world. Thereafter blasting your site’s traffic thru the stratosphere. Again article submission whilst not being the newest way of off-page optimization process has been proven to work time and time again.

Article submission should be a critical part of your web marketing strategy as if your not using it you really are “missing” out big style. Article submission is a common practice for seo where you create a quality content page on a niche subject, and submit it to several article-directory websites which accept industry-specific or broad articles. Unfortunately especially amongst newbies article submission is often an over-looked part of their “traffic” building “strategy”.

Article submission is a precise science that can ultimately determine your results and your success in online marketing. However to slightly counter everything i have said so far, article submission is not the right way, as In individual once in a “blue moon” type of effort. However mass article submission is.

Article submission is a great way to get your website recognized in google as well as in other search engines as i for one have proven many times. Article submission is basically posting your article to different article directories with the link pointing back at your website. Without doubt article submission is the best way to increase the back links of your website, Article submission is also the #1 way to undercut your costs getting your website ranked higher on the search engines. Article submission is without doubt the most efficient free and effective way to improve the ranking of your website.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The seo advantage in article submission is that the search engines give far more weightage to unique content and the links embedded in the content. Therefore article submission will have several positive effects on your website.

search engine optimization is not just submitting to major search engines and looking for traffic to come by thats for the “amateurs” and we aren’t “amateurs” are we? Or you won’t be after reading this will you?

Article submission is a great tactic and the rewards can be plentiful, it is is a key aspect in search engine optimisation and neglecting this means voluntarily saying goodbye to untapped, traffic, opportunities and resources.

Big search engine optimisation firms have lost their iron grip ,it wasn’t until I really went into overdrive with my article submissions, that the “aha” light really went on and it hit me smack between the eyes. There is no doubt that article submission plays a vital role in the online success of a business and is an important strategy.


If “you” write quality articles and submit them to reputable websites looking for targeted content then I assure you that your content will get huge exposure for free just for its value of uniqueness. As a result they will stand a much higher chance as counting as powerful incoming links instead of just duplicate content.

One comment or feedback I received from a “very popular website ” to demonstrate the above point was, “the articles were of better than average quality, very well written and did not duplicate any content on our own sites”.

Original content is what the web and the major search engines are screaming out for. An experienced webmaster knows the power of original, unique content and therefore that is why they deliver it to the search engines by the truckfull. That is why they can trully call themselves “webmasters”.

Getting the unique content distributed online so that your website and links can be seen by a greater audience is vital. The article itself will create content for the back link that is relevant to your website,as all of the top search engines love good content, article submission can be a very effective and much better way to improve the search engine ranking and link popularity of “your” website than just about any other method currently available.

You will get your article published all over the web when you submit it to an e-zine publisher that has a free content directory on their web site. For especially large or successful ezines, you might even offer to produce unique content for their ezines in exchange for the publicity, rather than simply offering articles you have previously run in your own ezine. Your articles are then potentially published on thousands of article sites where webmasters seeking free content pick up the articles and publish them on their blogs and niche sites.

Not only will your article submissions give you immediate links from PR4 and above sites but as bloggers from content specific sites look for articles in these directories and publish them to their blogs you will also gain those highly relevant content specific links as well.


You can earn many hits in google through implementing article submission as one of “your” key marketing strategies. To demonstrate this I went to google and typed in the phrase “free internet marketing advice” and I hit the jackpot. Of course, the first pattern I noticed was that I had found all of these articles by simply searching for a specific key phrase in google & yahoo. So I went back to google & yahoo and tried other key phrases. No matter what phrase I searched for in google I found hundreds or even thousands of free articles written by people who actually knew what they were talking about.

Since google sees back links as an indication of an “important” site, the author’s google ranking was benefiting greatly just by his use of article submission. And finally, many of the authors had google adwords displayed on their main site, so they were earning revenue whenever a visitor from one of the article sites came and clicked.


Writing a good article about a subject or item can help tell more about your services or product than any other form of “marketing” currently available on the web today. Writing an article and getting it published in an ezine is the best way of creating quality back links to your web site.

By writing articles & submitting them to various article directories, you can give yourself an opportunity to share your ideas with a wide range of audience. I think of it as purchasing a link, although instead of using cash, it is paid using 3-5 hours of writing time. I have found huge gains by contacting websites directly, even by phone and asking them to post an article to us, even in return for some article writing for them.

As you develop your writing skills and publish more and more articles regularly you are recognized as an expert in your field. The entire article marketing process consists of a few components namely researching for keywords and content, writing an article and submitting that article. This ensures you can set aside time to focus on article writing and churn out more articles for posting.

By writing about something interesting in your field or addressing the concerns that your customers have about your business/industry, you become a source of information to them.

I fully understand you might not have either the time or motivation to do all the writing yourself. Thats why i will give you the biggest tip you will ever receive.You don’t have to do all the writing yourself.

However, If you are looking to build quality traffic to your website you should seriously consider writing an article about your niche and linking it to your website. This is what makes it worthwhile writing informative articles in the first place, seeing them published and reaping the rewards of increased website visitors.


Article submission is the one tool that has the ability to bring free organic traffic to your website. As a result article submission has become the most effective method of gaining free quality one way incoming links to your site and has become standard in website search engine optimization strategies.

Undeniably article submission is one of the key elements to garner more visitors to your site. Therefore article submission is a must in your plan to make your site reach the top of google, yahoo, msn etc on your desired keywords.

Article submission is certainly one of the best ways I have found to promote a website or blog as I have yet to find another free method that is as effective at producing or delivering “laser targeted visitors” in the same numbers.

Unresevedly I am happy to go on record and say that article submission is the way to promote your website and link, that will produce real results almost immediately, and will give you targeted traffic and much more popularity in the world of writers.

I’m in the process of creating a few high-quality websites, and one of the primary ways I want to monetize is using google adsense. Posting free articles to the major article directories sites is the fastest and easiest free way to make more sales, increase your google ranking, boost instant traffic getting backlinks, link building and push your alexa rating through the roof.

So my “cast iron guarantee” is that if you take action and start writing and submitting articles now! You will be well on your way to “achieving success” with your online business. So don’t procrastinate or put it off any longer get started today.

Douglas Stuart is an Active Internet Marketeer.
Who provides..Practical Advice…and..Instruction..
On Internet and Affiliate Marketing.
Find out how..You…can..Quickly…Expand Your Horizons
And Achieve Real…Success…on the Internet


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