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Baby Gift Baskets: What Baby Wants, What Baby Needs

The birth of a baby is always a joyous affair. Baby christenings would soon follow, and parents may want to celebrate their newborn with baby bashes.

What items can you give that would please both baby and parents? Do you go for practical? Fun? Or both?

Baby gift baskets allow you to incorporate a variety of gifts into one. You can combine both practical and fun gift items in it, the things the baby would love, and the things the baby would need.

Another great thing about baby baskets is that you can make a theme out of the things that you fill them with, since it can hold a lot of items.

What are the themes that you can possibly go for? Here are some suggestions:

The baby gourmet

Meal time! You can make a theme out of the fact that every growing kid needs a lot of nourishment. This theme will best imply of your desire to make the babys eating time as fun and interesting as possible. The baby got to be nourished good and right and it would not hurt to make sure he enjoys it.

This theme can include eating utensils, like baby bowls, fork, spoon and even milk bottles. Bibs are also a must to complete this theme.

Baby gift baskets for this can then be designed in such a way that it depicts cute baby eating time.

The baby must haves

Every baby has to have these things and these things will fill your basket! This theme comprises of things that are typically given for baby bashes and christenings. These are the practical stuff; mom and dad will beam at you because these are what their baby immediately needs.

These things include baby clothes and other baby accessories that would suit every babys needs in everyday.
Gift baskets for this theme can be designed simply and without much adornment. After all, it is a practical theme.

The baby fun

Babies will stare and smile at these things. They will laugh and hold and play with these items because it fascinates them. It is not what mommy and daddy had in mind for babys immediate use, but at least it will make their baby happy and keep the little angel occupied from time to time.

The stuff can include baby toys, as well as baby chairs like the vibrating chair or the swing. Baby toys can interest babies enough to keep them from thinking about crying or hollering for mommy. The baby chairs are a great way to make the baby sleep more easily.

Design for baby baskets of this theme can be anything as long as it portrays baby fun.

What baby wants and what baby needs with baby gift baskets, you can pick items themed for either or both.

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