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Boykin Spaniel – Dog Breeds – Info Every Owner Ought To Know

We begin this article with the basic facts about the breed, then follow up with an in-depth look at their personality.

Group: Sporting

Weight: Male: 30-40, Female: 25-35 lbs

Height: Male: 15.5-18, Female: 14-16.5 inches


The Boykin Spaniel is a fairly new breed that is rated very highly for its hunting capabilities, especially of the water fowl. This breed is especially popular amongst bird hunters in the southern part of the United States, and they also have their origin in South Carolina in the United States. The Boykin Spaniel is the elected representative dog of South Carolina.


Although the Boykin Spaniel is a very passive dog, they are also very enjoyable and obedient. These dogs are clever and devoted companions. Their yellow eyes are their trademark, and they are known to stare with anticipation into your eyes. Boykin Spaniels are unbelievable swimmers, and they love to be in the water. Each Boykin Spaniel has a unique personality and distinctive ability in the field that is not matched by another dog. These dogs also have very fine noses and they are very eager when out in the field.

The Boykin Spaniel was bred to be a hunting dog, and their great sense of smell sometimes give them grounds to wander off when not on a lead. This is a working dog breed, and they require lots of exercise which includes long walks on a daily basis. The Boykin Spaniel is extremely energetic, and requires sufficient exercise and a job to do to get rid of their energy. If their owners are unable to keep them occupied, they will find ways to entertain themselves. This often leads to destructive behaviour, especially when they are bored.


The coats of the Boykin Spaniel should be brushed frequently to avoid mats from forming. These dogs should only be bathed when it is really necessary, and their ears should also be checked daily to make sure they are dry and clean. This will in return avoid infections from occurring.


The Boykin Spaniel will do enormously well in activities that was planned and also in obedience classes. This breed possesses a more calm character than other Spaniel breeds. Therefore the Boykin Spaniel will not do well with training methods that are cruel and unkind. They will however do very well in training that is positive, especially if it is conducted in a fair and consistent way.

Health problems

Boykin Spaniels do suffer from conditions such as eye problems, hip dysplasia and skin and heart problems.

Get more info and advice on the Boykin Spaniel or Boykin Spaniel training visit this dog breeds web page.

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