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Cell Phone Etiquette Maketh a Man

As cell phones have entered the lifestyle of the common people, many are being increasingly found to be breaking the rules that apply to the society we live in.

This article introduces you to a number of cell phone etiquettes that every cell phone holder must be aware of. You will be surprised to find that not many of us are even familiar with all the mobile phone manners that are considered a must-know. Following is a list of behaviors that the cell phone users must know about.

Be Polite To The People Around You

There are places that you can`t escape from very easily. Hence, you should not use your cell phones for talking to people there. For instance, talking to someone on phone while you are using a lift can be considered impolite. Similarly, places like hospitals, public transports, job interviews, museums, funerals, places of worship, airplanes are also situations where you should not consider using you cell phones to talk with others. Since it is difficult to mention all the places where you should apply your cell phone etiquettes, you should use your common sense to choose situations. However, a 10-feet distance is usually considered as a norm if your call is too important to turn down.

Keep Your Volume Down

Many cell phone users usually leave their cell phone on with loud and outlandish ring tones even at places where others might easily get disturbed. Worse, they talk very loudly on their cell phones. Usually, all standard cell phones have been designed in a way to allow the user hear even wisher of the voice and similar sounds. Hence, it is unnecessary to talk in a louder voice with others. Should you feel that your voice is not audible to the person at the other end, choose a place away from others to talk on your cell phones. As mentioned earlier, usually a 10-feet distance will do. However, sometimes, the voice becomes inaudibly low due to the cell phone network error. Cancel the call and try dialing again in such situations.

Keep Your Conversation Brief and To The Point

There are situations too formal to take calls on your cell phones, and there are some calls too important to turn down. In such cases, you should ensure that you shorten your call as short as possible. However, gently excuse yourself from others while you decide to take that urgent call. Alternatively, you can activate the voicecall option on your cell phone, say during a meeting, to allow your callers to leave their messages for you.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone During Public Performances

Although these places are too obvious too talk about, many cell phone users still leave their cell phones switched on thereby causing unnecessary disturbance to others. Places like cinema theaters, plays, and ballets are a place for public entertainment where people come to refresh themselves. Pay respect to them and keep your cell phone either switched off or on vibration mode. If you want to receive or make a call during the show, you should leave your seat and go away from the earshot of the audience.

Take Off The Earpiece While You`re Not On Calls

Many cell phone users continue to wear their wireless earpiece accessory even when they are not on calls. Apart from looking awkward, it often makes others feel that you are not giving your entire attention to the people interacting with you. Make sure you take off your wireless earpiece device after you are done with your calls.

Taking care of your cell phone etiquettes can be extremely useful in building up a healthy personality and fortifying your social relationship. Therefore, you must observe them yourself apart from reminding others if you fell they are breaking the cell phone etiquettes, taking others for granted.

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