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Common Risks of Liposuction

Manhattan liposuction is unsurprisingly very popular in the past few years. As you can imagine with the social scene in Manhattan people are always out and being seen and they want to look their very best. If you’re one that is considering liposuction in Manhattan it could be very good for you, however there are some risks that you need to be aware of.

After making your decision to undergo liposuction surgery there is some basic homework that you’ll want to do. How much fat can be removed, which part of your body, what doctor to perform the procedure and naturally what risks are involved with liposuction. If you weren’t aware of it, liposuction does carry some risks, just as any surgery does.

As a surgical procedure liposuction involves both invasion of your body and the administration of anesthesia. Both of these subject you to some degree of risk. In order to numb the area being worked on as well as slow the bleeding in that area the cosmetic surgeon will need to inject a combination of epinephrine and lidocaine underneath your skin.

Once the anesthesia has taken effect the plastic surgeon then makes a small incision and inserts a device called a cannula into the incision to perform the liposuction. The cannula is attached to a vacuum that is used to suck the fat out of your body. While this procedure is very common and safe these days there are still some chances of side effects and complications.

As with any surgery there is the risk of infection or adverse reactions to the anesthesia. While these are not common, the risk does still exist. In some cases the reaction can be the fault of an interaction with a medication that the patient is currently taking. Make sure you talk to your doctor about any medication you may be currently taking so he or she can evaluate the risks.

The most common side effects from liposuction are swelling and bruising and almost everyone will experience these. Another common side effect is lumps or misshapen areas that develop after the liposuction. As with any cosmetic surgery there is the risk that you won’t like the final look after the surgery. If this is the case, you can often have this corrected with additional surgeries, but of course this is less than ideal. Some less common side effects are loose skin, wrinkles and scarring.

It is your body and it’s your responsibility to discuss any concerns and the risks of cosmetic surgery with your Manhattan liposuction doctor. Liposuction is rarely risky for an otherwise healthy person, but you do want to be fully informed before undergoing surgery. These discussions help to prepare you and also ensure that you are comfortable with and have full confidence in your cosmetic surgeon.

You can learn more about NYC liposuction financing by visiting the authors website. While you’re there make sure to read up on the risks of liposuction as well to further inform yourself.

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