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Computer Maintenance: Improving The Life Of Your Computer

There are many reasons why a computer slows down after years of usage, but the most common reason is the lack of computer maintenance from the user. Owning and using a computer requires basic knowledge on the hardware and software, and computer troubleshooting. The bit of know-how is important to sustain the life of your computer and its performance.

If you have a computer that has the best hardware and software features, you still need to check the integrity and the performance of your machine. It is not enough to leave your computer on its own especially if you are connected to the internet and using it extensively.

A weekly or monthly computer maintenance check will make a difference in the performance of your computer. You need to know the basic tools that can help maintain your computer’s good-as-new performance. If you are awkward and daunted by this task, you can pay a computer technician to do the job for you.

Do-It-Yourself Weekly Computer Maintenance

There are some basic tasks that you can do to maintain your computer. But always remember that your need to do these tasks on a weekly or monthly basis to help protect your computer from deadly elements that can penetrate it through a number of ways.

* Defrag your computer at least once a week. If you do so, your computer can write and rewrite data files in order, improve your computer’s speed, organize scattered data files and utilize blank spaces in the hard disk accordingly. Defragging your computer allows it to work at a minimal a mount time, speeds up processes efficiently
* Computer scanning is a must everyday, so make sure your anti virus software is turned on and running real time. Updates are quite crucial for anti virus software as viruses are being developed each day.
* Spyware scanning. Use you anti spyware software everyday and make sure it is updating every time. You want to make sure that this is happening everyday to prevent spyware from penetrating your machine.
* Extensive virus and spyware scanning. You can do this weekly apart from the daily live scans. Extensive scanning can detect and destroy remnants from viruses and spyware that have been deleted. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Compute maintenance is a small responsibility that makes a huge difference. Being careful and conscientious about your computer usage will extend the life of your machine.

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