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Corporate Relocation with International Movers

The task of moving your business can be overwhelming without proper assistance. International movers get requests on a regular basis to move entire companies and individual employees to other countries. Furniture, personal belongings and technology all have to be moved in an organized and timely manner to prevent unnecessary work stoppage and loss of business. Professional international movers who specialize in corporate relocation know what to move and when to move it to get the best results for your business.

Before you even call for international movers you need to develop a plan that works for all parties involved. If you are taking your employees with you then they need to be connected with the international movers so that their personal belongings can be packed and transported. Your IT people need to be given a date for breakdown and a set-up date for your technology at the new location. Service providers need to be contacted so that you can have telephone and internet service when you arrive. All of these items need to be coordinated and your international movers need to be scheduled properly so that your company will close and then re-open on time.

The next item on the agenda is determining the route that your international movers will take and what mode of transportation they will be using. Corporate relocation is a process that allows for more control over the operational details. In an individual move or in basic international shipping the routes and shipping method are chosen for you. If you’re spending the money for corporate relocation you should be able to tell your international movers exactly how you want them to do the job. The route that they take and the mode of transportation that they use are usually the rationale for higher prices. Check all of this information yourself and make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

Ports of exit and entry are two of the main determining factors in the cost of your corporate relocation to another country. International movers may need to move the contents of your business overseas by ship if you are going to a new nation on another continent. The distance from the seaport is calculated and the cost of transport from the debarkation port is added on. This cost is tallied by miles so you want to be as close as possible to the final destination when your ship is unloaded. The same is true of the trip from your business to the port where the ship will be loading.

Many business owners review the cost of hiring international movers and shipping the physical contents of their businesses as prohibitive and choose to buy new furniture and technology in their destination country. This decision is normally made based on the availability of those items in the new nation. The same is true of personnel. If you are planning a corporate relocation that will require international movers take a good look at costs and options. You may be able to find everything you need when you get there for less than what the move would cost.

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