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Creating A Designer Kitchen Spice Rack

Want a kitchen spice rack but don’t like any of the store bought models. Try a designer kitchen spice rack. A designer spice rack is simply a spice rack that you build on your own. A designer spice rack has 4 major components: the spice rack frame, the spice rack container, the spice labels and the spices themselves.

The material for the spice rack frame should be chosen based on your current kitchen design. Most frames are made from a soft wood like balsa or bamboo; however you can now buy spice rack frames in popular variations like stainless steel and aluminum. The frame itself will be very durable and last a long time. Before selecting a spice rack make sure you have the container size in mind that you will use, so that the containers will fit in the rack. Also think about where the spice rack will be located. Does it need to sit on the counter or hang on the wall.

These days spice rack containers are usually glass or plastic and manufactured making them clear or see through. Plastic can be more porous than glass depending on the quality. This allows air to seep into the spices and cause them to go stale very quickly. The recommendation is to choose thick glass containers to use. Lids come in many varieties as well. It is best to choose a screw cap lit or a rubber stopper. Both types will allow for an air tight seal in the container.

Once you have the frame and container, now it is key to determine the spices you will have in your rack. If you choose to buy the spices in the containers then you can avoid this step. Being able to select your own spices allows you to customize your spice rack in the manner that you cook. It also keeps you from having spices that you will never use. Once you have the spices you need, next comes the labels. You can buy preprinted spice labels that have the most popular spice names on them. However, we recommend that you buy small labels from an office supply store and create your own. Here you can add a touch of creativity to your spice rack.

Building a designer spice rack is very easy to do. You just need to spend a little time thinking about what you want and how you want it to look. Enhance your kitchen design by creating a professional looking spice rack of your own.

Steve provides information about designer kitchen spice racks through his website on Kitchen Spice Racks.

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