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Custom Logo Golf Balls. What Are They And What Are They Good For?

Ever heard of custom logo golf balls? If your’e a golfer you probably have. A logo golf ball is a golf ball that has a logo printed on one, or both sides of the ball.

The logo may be a corporate logo. There are many companies now using golf balls for corporate branding or advertising. A well thought out campaign usign corporate logo golf balls can be a successful advertising campaign. Hand them out at seminars or promotional days or trade shows or golf days and, as long as they get into the hands of the right people, they can be powerful marketing tools. They get your brand in front of the right eyes every time they get taken out of the golf bag.

And the use of logo golf balls isn’t just restricted to corporations. High school golf teams are now also catching on to the power of high school logo golf balls, using them to hand out to the people who are, in turn, responsible for handing out high school golf team sponsorship deals. Get a golf ball with your high school logo into the hands of the right people and your high school golf team is more likely to be remembered at the right time.

Then there’s personalized golf balls. It’s perfectly possible to get on the net and find a range of companies offering services to print personalized golf balls for you in lots as small as 12 at a time.

Why would you want to get a box of personalized golf balls? Lets say you’ve got a gift to buy for a friend who’s a fanatical golfer. It’s pretty hard to find great golf gift ideas for them, they usually have all the golf gear they need. But they are unlikely to have a dozen personalized golf balls in their golf bag, or if they do they won’t look the same as the ones you’re going to give them. It’s a great, and very personal, golf gift idea.

Print on one or both sides of the ball. Perhaps you’d like to put your photo on the ball. It’s quite possible to get personalized photo golf balls. Perhaps your photo on one side and a short message on the other. It’s all possible if you’re buying some custom golf balls as a golf gift.

Perhaps buy some logo golf balls with the logo of your favorite team, they’re all available.

Get your printed golf balls in all the major brands. So you can get, for example, Titleist logo golf balls in a number of the Titleist models, or Callaway logo golf balls, or any one of many of the other brands.

So that’s what custom logo golf balls are. As you can see they have a lot of different uses,from corporative branding to high school branding to use as gift ideas, or just because you’d love to have golf balls in your golf bag that sport the logo of your favorite sports team.

Whichever it is, custom logo golf balls are now big business. You can see why.

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