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Defend Women’s Right – Learn to Protect Yourself With Self Defense

Crimes are not gender biased; however one could not just deny the fact that women are more prone to crimes rather than men. Instead of screaming “help” for your rescuer why not move your muscle and give your offender a big blow on the face? Moreover, there are also some steps that you could do to ensure women’s safety. Bur sad to say, most self defense classes would merely taught each women that screaming at the top of their lungs for help and running away should be the very first thing that one should do when under attack. This training school failed to realize that most people who are faced with such dangers are even too shy to scream even though they are aware that they are under threat. One good example of this are battered women who are already conscious that they are under exploitation but they are just too timid to seek help because of shame and they tend to practice self-blame at all times.

On the other hand, some women are advised to simply grab or punch the testicles of their offender. These are sensible ways to do although they should still be careful that they are able to carry out the defense since most attackers when hurt would react violently thus the victim is put in more serious problem than what she have before. The other downside of this technique is the fact that most people specially women are taught that they should behave prim and proper at all times so they have a propensity to carry this pattern even during those times when they are under attack. With this, most experts would first teach their students the right way of overcoming such personal resistance. They are given lectures on how to struggle against conflicting emotions specially when under attack.

Moreover, women could carry with them pepper sprays that they could simply spray on the face of their offender. This will give her enough time to run away and ask for help. Some sprays are also created with UV dyes as their component which is extremely vital so that authorities would be able to detect the offender later on. These dyes are not easily removed no matter how many times the person would wash them off by soap or water. You could buy these sprays in many kinds; one is the pen-shaped pepper spray that you can carry with you anywhere you go.

Another way to ensure women’s safety is by bringing along guns and knifes especially if you are skilled enough how to use them. But in case you do not even know how to handle them properly then do not attempt to use them since it could give more problem than benefit, or you could simply enroll for an extensive training with experienced instructors. Also keep in mind that above anything else, your most excellent natural weapon is nothing but your brain. If you know how to react on situations then you could pretty sure leave such circumstance. Read books and magazines about self defense for you to get other strategies.

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