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Basically, I enjoy creating, although at times, I do not feel very “creative”. In the following paragraphs, I will tell you why I chose some of the crafts I do, and what I enjoy about them.

The first craft I started was cross stitch. One reason I chose cross stitch, is because it is simple. All it takes is the ability to look at a grid-type pattern and then sew an “x” with your floss on a fabric that has a grid pattern woven in it. The pros of this craft are that is portable, it is inexpensive, there are endless patterns from which to chose and it’s moderately easy. The cons are that it is very time consuming to finish even a small project, and you need to focus on your project so you don’t make mistakes. This is not a project that you can easily set down and pick up frequently.

Two of my other favorite crafts that I have been doing for years are candle making and soap making. I will combine these, because the methods and the tools are similar. Candle making and soap making require a heat source for melting the wax or the soap base, and molds. Other options include: scents, colors and additives of your choice. The pros of these are that candles and soaps make great gifts, and you can personalize them to your (or someone else’s) taste. The cons are that they can be messy, they require some amount of space, and they can be dangerous because of the heat source.

Although I have done several tie dye projects, and I love the finished results, it is not something I do regularly. The reason is, that it requires a lot of space, and it’s MESSY. This is a project that I do outside wearing old clothes. The reason I love tie dye is because the end result is almost always a surprise and there are infinite possibilities from funky to formal. It is also a fun project to do with kids, because it brings out their creativity. If you get upset about messiness, this is not a craft for you.

The final craft I will talk about is jewelry making. I have made beaded bracelets and necklaces. This is a craft that could get very costly, because the supplies and tools are expensive. The cost also depends on the type of supplies you use. The skill level varies from super easy (anyone can string beads) to more difficult bead “weaving” or shaping. If you desire you can also make your own beads.

If you are interested, visit your local craft of hobby store and browse the different options. I would suggest that you pick something that results in a project that you really like. If you end up hating what you are making, you have wasted your time. I believe that if you do a craft, you should not only enjoy the process, but you (or someone) should enjoy the finished result. There are so many crafts that I have not mentioned, and one of them might be right for you.

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