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Exploring Cyprus from Latchi by Car Hire

Indeed, the fresh fish available in Latchi is arguably the best to be found on the entire island. If you are considering Latchi as your holiday destination, you should also think about car hire Latchi may be a charming and picturesque place, but you will definitely need to travel further afield to exploit some of the best sits that Cyprus has to offer.

If you are on a budget and looking for cheap car hire Latchi has plenty of options, when it comes to car rental Latchi based companies are able to provide their clients with a host of useful information on local attractions and most of the major historical and archeological sites that can be found on the island of Cyprus.

Latchi is a quiet fishing community, of you are the kind of person who likes to taste a little excitement from time to time, having a hire car available to you will make it possible to visit some of the more lively tourist areas such as Ayia Napa, when the mood takes you. In a similar fashion, you will find that by including into your holiday car rental Latchi becomes an excellent choice of location for a base of operations from which to explore the rest of the island.

Cyprus has an incredibly fascinating history dating back as far as 10,000 BC; the entire island has been designated as a site of importance to global heritage by UNESCO. Visiting Cyprus without viewing at least the main historical sites is something of a wasted opportunity, I has often been said that Cyprus is the worlds largest open air museum, using public transport to access the more remote attractions is not particularly viable, by choosing cheap car hire Cyprus becomes your own historical playground.

If you are interested in Cypriot culture, having a rental car at your disposal will allow you to visit some of the more remote villages, many of which have been barely touched by the tourist trade, and give a wonderful view into Cypriot life.

Take great care when driving on the island, remember that many of the smaller rural roads are less well maintained than major urban highways, breaking distances become much longer when travelling over loose gravel or dirt, adjust your speed accordingly.

If you come from a nation that drives on the right hand side of the road, it may take some time to adjust to driving on the left, drive carefully while you become familiar with driving on what for you, will be the wrong side of the road.

Above all, enjoy your stay in Lacthi, and on Cyprus as a whole, there is no doubt that your enjoyment will be multiplied by availing yourself of a good car hire offer before you travel.

Cyprus is a truly incredible place to visit, capable of catering to every want a holidaymaker may have, from a traditional beach holiday, to a truly hedonistic dance music extravaganza. No matter what you want from your holiday, everything becomes a lot more available with the addition of a rented car.

Don’t limit your options to your resort and the immediately surrounding areas, instead why not expand the scope of your holiday by exploiting one of the many on-line offers of cheap car rental Cyprus firms are promoting?

Jules Alexander works for Rhino Car Hire and writes articles on Car
Hire Latchi
and Car Rental Latchi Companies.

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