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Fashionista – Can Style Be So Demanding?

In high school I could never bring myself t In high school I could never bring myself to follow the crowd during any craze and if memory serves me correctly, I was that way long before high school.o follow the crowd during any craze and if memory serves me correctly, I was that way long before high school.

I wear white shoes before Easter and after Labor Day. I wear a lot of black everything all year round because black is my favorite color for clothes, shoes, purses. During the summer my house is air-conditioned and stays at around 68 degrees so my favorite attire is lightweight black tights, black shorts, a black t-shirt and black Keds. My husband says it’s like living with Morticia but he likes it.

Why do people feel they have to listen to so-called experts and follow what trends are said to be “in” at the moment? Don’t they trust their own judgment and knowledge? Once you know what looks good on you, the best way to always feel comfortable and at ease in any situation is to wear what you know makes you look great. What a miserable predicament to be in, for example, to be on a first date wearing an outfit that is trendy but which makes you feel like an alien from outer space for whatever reason. All concentration goes to how uncomfortable you feel in that outfit as opposed to how much fun the date is (or isn’t).

As for those shoes with narrow pointed toes and ultra-high heels – forget it. The pain from the narrow toe point would be bad enough but I happen to be pretty klutzy and I’ve never felt too secure in just a 3-inch heel so anything higher would kill me. Besides, those high heels play havoc with your back and eventually you’ll pay with your back health. I haven’t worn a 3-inch heel in so long I don’t know if I’d be able to survive much more than a few steps.

So many women are great at mothering and are capable of telling their daughters to quit following the crowd, yet find themselves unable to practice what they preach. All women regardless of age should work at discovering what they feel most comfortable wearing, what looks good, what makes them feel good – and let that be their statement of style and fashion. Common sense and good judgment are crucial factors here. Don’t ask someone “How does this look on me?” if you’re not prepared for an honest answer if you’ve chosen the wrong thing to wear.

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