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Floods Cause Orlando Home Water Damage!

The odd weather patterns of recent years have wreaked havoc on our planet. This havoc has come in the form of tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Great floods in Florida have occurred because of these natural disasters. The raging waters escaping from the ocean, rising rivers, and creek beds have flooded countless homes leaving the families who lived in the homes devastated. The floodwaters have damaged or destroyed all they had. The sad thing is that even with the most attentive Orlando homeowners, there is not a thing that can be done to protect you from these kinds of disasters. Even the families who were covered by insurance often found out too late that their particular policies would not cover their flooded homes.

Some people who have their homes flooded come out luckier than others, that is, if one can be call being impacted by Water damage in Orlando lucky. They might actually have a home that is salvageable enough to go back to. Where does a person begin? First, you must assess the damage. Never try to regain access to your home until it is allowed. Danger is everywhere in a flooded area, and you cannot accurately assess damage until the waters have receded anyway.

Wear protective clothing and a mask when you reenter your home. Do not go alone if, at all possible, just in case there is a problem or you get injured. Turn off the breakers in the house even if there is no power restored yet. Call and request that your homeowner’s insurance agent meet you at the house. The sooner you contact them the better. If you are covered by your policy, hiring someone to help with the cleanup and repairs will be easier to get the job finish. If you find you are not covered, the Orlando Red Cross might be able to assist you. They can also look into figuring out what sort of help from any other sources might be available. You need to be willing to take all the help you can get.

Fungi infested and damaged floors and walls are some of the most dangerous hazards in water damage Orlando homes, so you must be very careful. Determine which items can be saved cannot. Remove salvageable items first and try to store them somewhere safe, upstairs in your home is good if possible. Begin removing all items that are not attached and that have been destroyed. Remember floodwaters are filled with contaminants like sewage, chemicals and many things that are hazardous to your health. If it is nasty, THROW IT AWAY! When this is done, you have to get started on the hard stuff.

Removing carpeting, damaged sheetrock and wood is next. Some places that are not damaged might still have mold and must be cleaned thoroughly. Have your home inspected by a qualified Orlando professional before moving back in. The effects of major flooding are truly devastating and should be dealt with as quickly as possible. If you have never been affected by a natural disaster such as flooding, pray that you never will have to face trying to save what is left of your home in the aftermath.

Richard Barthallo enjoys sharing his life experiences and is a legend at Water Damage Restoration Orlando. He has assisted or advised on many Water Damage Orlando extractions.

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