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Fucoxanthin: Your Route to The Summer Body You’ve Always Wanted

There’s nothing like summer sunshine to make us think about donning those swimsuits and enjoying basking in the sun. Usually our next thought is our waistline. If you’re feeling the weight of excess winter pounds or more and looking for a way to shift them rapidly, you can be sure you’re not alone in that.

Worldwide struggle

Winning the war against weight gain is not a one man battle by any means. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that the obesity roller coaster shows no signs of losing momentum. They estimate that in seven years time, over 700 million people globally will come under the ‘obese’ classification with an additional 2.3 billion more in the overweight category.

If you have no desire to be part of those WHO statistics and to start taking the first steps to a more healthy body and lifestyle, you’ll be interested in fucoxanthin. Harvested from brown seaweed, the properties of fucoxanthin have stirred the interest of both scientific communities as well as the weight loss ones.

The science part

Rodent testing carried out by a Japanese university in Hokkaido revealed that the presence of increased fucoxanthin levels can help accelerate the process of thermogenesis, our body’s way of melting away those fat cells.

They noted during their studies that the most common place where this occurred was in the abdomen’s white adipose tissue. Here’s where the majority of UCP1, the protein responsible for how much fat storage we accumulate, lays down fat. Blame UCP1 for all those “spare tires” we see gathering around our waistlines, especially as we drift towards middle age and beyond.

The interaction of the raised levels of fucoxanthin with the UCP1 protein demonstrated the true potential of fucoxanthin. As an effective weapon in the fight against obesity faced every day all over the world, fucoxanthin’s stepping up to the plate.The findings of this research is without doubt an exciting development that has weight loss circles abuzz.

Where does it come from?

Fucoxanthin isn’t a substance that occurs naturally in the body in large quantities. While it’s true that fucoxanthin is present in certain edible brown seaweeds, there’s simply no way you could consume enough of it in one sitting to gain the equivalent benefit of taking a supplement. Even if you’re a big fan of kale, one of the more recognizable sources of fucoxanthin, you’d have a hard time managing to pile your plate high enough for it to have any effect.

In fact, you need to be cautious about ingesting excessive amounts of seaweed due to their plant’s elevated iodine content. Heightened iodine levels in your system can be detrimental to your health as they play havoc with your thyroid gland. The role of the thyroid is to regulate your hormones and it’s certainly not something you want to interfere with indiscriminately.


The good news is there’s an easy solution to that particular challenge. The even better news is that it can sit right in your bathroom cabinet. You can obtain fucoxanthin in supplement form online and have it delivered straight to your door. It’s the simple, convenient and measured way of gaining all the benefits of this discovery with none of the inherent risks of excessive seaweed consumption.

So next time you’re thinking about your swimsuit and making the most of summer, think of fucoxanthin. Want that figure you’d like to be showing off sooner rather than later? Then remember, it’s never too late nor too early to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Losing excess weight is an excellent place to start and fucoxanthin can help you do just that.

Susan Chadwick writes for Global Health News, covering topics in all areas of health, from Diabetes to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Fucoxanthin is sold by Nature’s Biology under the brand name Fuco Prime and can be found at or Fuco Prime by Nature’s Biology

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