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Guide to Making Money with Teen Paid Surveys

If you search online you’ll find hundreds of companies looking to get your opinion on everything from movies to beverages to fashion to sports and anything else you can think of. These companies are all willing to compensate you for your opinion with either cash or prizes of some kind. The reason they are willing to pay for your opinion is because they use that information to improve existing products, to develop new products and to launch marketing campaigns.

If you’re a teen then you are especially wanted by these companies. Research companies are always looking for new members aged 13-25 because this group is known to have lots of disposable income and they can easily turn a new product into a must have fad.

Taking free online paid surveys can be a great way for teens to avoid having to get a “typical” summer job that will leave you overworked and underpaid. And the great thing is you can do this right from your own home and at any hour of the day or night. No time clock to punch and no need to travel.

There are already lots of people making money by taking paid surveys online, but not many know that teens can do this as well. There are many companies out there that will pay people as young as 13 for their opinions.

So, as long as you’re over 13 you can register at these companies and start taking their surveys for cash. If you’re wondering if this is legal and legitimate I can tell you that yes it is completely legit and legal. The market research companies are begging for people in your age bracket to register with them. They NEED your opinions for their customers, the large companies sponsoring these surveys. You’ll be able to earn extra cash and you might even get samples of some of the products that you get to keep.

Here’s why they need you. Imagine Pepsi is launching a new drink and they’re aiming to sell it to the 13-18 year old group of people. Would it be helpful to them to get the opinions of 1000 people aged 25-30? Of course not. What they need is the opinions of people aged 13-18 and that’s where you come in.

There are some sites that don’t accept teens, but they are in the minority. Most online paid survey sites are crying to get more teens on their panels. The sign up page on each site should tell you the age requirements.

Now, the big question; how much money can you make. Of course it varies from company to company and even per survey, but it’s not unusual to get short 15 minute surveys that will pay you $5-10 and you can even find some that will pay up to $75! Imagine doing a couple of those each week.

The best way to guarantee a steady stream of paid surveys is to register for as many companies as possible and make sure that you complete their profile questionnaire. If you do those two things you should have no problem picking and choosing which surveys you want to take to get paid.

If you’re a teen looking for extra cash then you could do much much worse than getting paid for surveys. Anyway, the sites are free to join and the surveys are interesting and fun and they pay you cash.

The author keeps a list of over 300free online paid survey companies including paid surveys just for teens.

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