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Handle Your First Date Like a Pro

To borrow from Jeff Foxworthy:

“Ladies If you’ve ever discussed your problems with commitment and intimacy before the appetizers have arrived, you might be a dating disaster.”

“If you’ve ever played hard-to-get, then jumped into the sack at the first opportunity, you might be a dating disaster.”

Okay, so maybe that last one will make you some new friends, but it sure doesn’t put you into the category of potential wife material! They say first impressions matter most, and this is especially true of first dates. This is your one chance to portray yourself in a good light so here’s how to handle your first date like a pro.

First, start off with a casual location. If we have to put on a tie for the first date, you’re already off on the wrong foot. Show off your fun side by taking us out to a sporting event bonus points if you like the same teams we do to an arcade, or to any other place that lets us have fun and get to know each other outside of a stuffy four-star restaurant.

Try to keep the conversation casual too. Sure, we men like to tease women for getting too intimate on the first date, but there’s a grain of truth there. If things go well, there’ll be plenty of time later on to talk about all your emotional baggage but nothing turns us off like a double helping of feelings on the first date. Stick to light subjects like your job, your hobbies or your pets.

Stay away from political territory. Although we might share the same views on politics, no man wants to spend two hours of your first date listening to the reasons why McCain would make the better president. In that same vein, stay away from religious subjects too.

Keep it short. Schedule an hour or two to meet up anything longer than this can drag on and on. We don’t want to spend an evening trying to fill in uncomfortable silences or thinking of different ways to ask you about your favorite movies. Plus, if we really like you, we’ll be pounding down your door to spend more time with you in the future.

Ending the date. Ah yes that awkward moment when we’re standing on your doorstep. Do you play it safe or go in for the kiss or maybe even more? Here’s the thing most guys love to score on the first date, but this automatically puts you in the “friends” pile. Play it safe and stick with a kiss invite us in once we’ve spent more time together.

Don’t play by the rules. Yes, we know you’ve been told to wait for our phone call to schedule a second date. We know you’ll be sitting by the phone for three days, worrying over whether or not you said exactly the right things. So do the unexpected call us back first if you’re into us. We’ll be relieved that the pressure’s off and be flattered that you’re interested enough to call first.

The “Wife Wizard” is a man who gives dating advice for women who are trying to find a husband at the website,

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