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High Tech Fabrics for Plus Size Shorts

There’s a whole world of engineered fabrics on the market today that offer most of the benefits of nartual material without many of the drawbacks. Knowing what you’re getting, from material performance to feel, when you purchase an article of clothing is important aspect of shopping.

Also referred to as binding or ride-up, this is an uncomfortable situation, and can ruin a nice walk or a day out at the beach. For plus size shorts look for a fabric that will move with you, that won’t bind or become uncomfortable when damp, and is comfy against your skin.

Chafing and Rash
This is a problem for all sizes, plus, minus, and average. If the fabric you’re wearing rubs against your skin you’re going to get a light but painful rash and be sore; it’s just a fact of life. Reduce this problem with lycra/spandex shorts that are layered beneath fashionable shorts.

CoolMax is a brand name of a material that is known to pull, or “wick”, moisture away from your skin and move it to the outer layers where it is evaporated into the surrounding air and cools the skin underneath. It is made of engineered polyester fiber that offers several key advantages over natural fabrics such as cotton. You will see it in garments like shirts, sports wear, socks, shorts and a plethora of other clothing. The moisture-wicking action not only cools, but it helps you to stay dry and comfortable. It is easy care for and feels great to wear, and can be washed with your normal loads in the washer and dryer. It’s an incredible fabric to look for when shopping for plus size shorts.

BioFresh is an engineered acrylic material that is designed with antimicrobial properties – something important to keep your active wear fresh and clean. This material is machine washable and will not lose its anti-bacterial properties with repeated use. It’s a big advantage in any article of clothing you’ll use for workouts or yard work.

UV Blocking material is engineered to provide protection from harmful UV radiation while you’re outdoors at the park, doing yard work, or just having fun with friends. This material is treated with UV-blocking chemicals similar to sunscreen that remain effective after many wash cycles. Being that you’ll most likely only wear them during the warm months, you can get lots of use before they become less effective.

Material made by a company called Buzz-Off is treated with an insect repellent that is approved by the EPA, and can’t be washed off through normal wash dry cycles. This treatment can be used on many different fabrics, so that means you can get great looking and well made shorts that are both fun to wear and keep the mosquitoes away during the buggy-times of year. This is especially great if you enjoy camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities.

Polartec is a company that manufactures some amazing fabrics that do everything from moisture wicking to providing insulation and warmth. For shorts that provide great comfort in cooler weather or the evening, look for their Power Stretch-RX material that offers moisture wicking and strechability, plus a comfortable weave on the inside that’s extremely pleasant and soft against the skin.

Allen Wright is a freelance writer who follows whatever topics hold his interest. Look for more information on plus size shorts and torrid plus size here.

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