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HoW Being an Intern Can Be The Best Vacation Possible

I did work 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday, for three months. But, the other interns and I lived in an apartment that costs about $3,500 dollars a month. It had a pool that we could use at our discretion, a view of the city that was breathtaking, and our weekends were filled with never ending sightseeing. I met the greatest friends, which live far away, but are forever in my heart.

On the weekends we would come up with a list of things-to-do. We all had our handy Washington DC, tourism anthologies that listed everything popular and fantastic. The general and majority consensus led us on our way. My friends and I would walk to the subway station, jump on, and the city was ours for the taking.

Where do you start in a city filled to the brim with amazing monuments, memorials, and museums? You start from the beginning and work your way down. Our first few weekends were filled with all the Smithsonian museums, chosen alphabetically. The Air and Space Museum, The American Art Museum, The American History Museum, and The American Indian Museum found to be riveting.

As for the monuments and memorials, they took us in a whole other direction. We stepped out of the fun-loving museums, into the sad and awe-striking movement of the enormous monuments. My favorite memorial is the World War II memorial, this being the newest and most beautiful. I am quite an American history buff, so all the museums and monuments were extremely touching for me.

On our last weekend, we decided to get free tickets, very early in the morning, for the Washington Monument. At 555 feet tall, the Washington Monument by law stands much taller than the rest of Washington DC’s buildings. On a clear day you can see up to 22 miles straight ahead. You get a fantastic view of the city, from above, as if you were flying in a helicopter. It was breathtaking, and a spectacular end to the greatest summer of my life.

The best part of Washington DC is how much there is to do, much being free or very inexpensive. You do tons of walking, but it is worth it because you get to see everything wonderful about the nation’s capital. The spring is a wonderful time to visit DC, because the temperature is less humid and hot than it is in the summer. Also, the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom which not only makes for great pictures, but the Cherry Blossom Festival takes place. The Festival is yet another fun event that is a worth-while experience.

In my opinion Washington DC is a place everyone should visit, at least once in their lifetime. There are things to do for everyone and every age group!

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