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How Many Backlinks Does Your Website Have

When it comes to marketing your business on the Internet back links are extremely important. Unless you plan on purchasing your traffic for the rest of your life you are going to want to develop back links to your website.

Do you even know how many back links your website has? Most people do not and many do not really understand the importance of it.

A back link is when your website address is on somebody else’s website. That link is pointing back to your site and when somebody clicks on it you get a visitor.

It also gives search engines a way to find your site and it builds up the popularity of your site when you have a lot of back links.

Quality back links count too, and therefore having your website address on a highly visited website can increase the popularity of your site in the search engines eyes. Google even go so far as to have a page rank to determine the worth of a web page.

Your website should have a page rank as well. To increase your page rank you need to have more back links pointing to your site from pages that are equal or greater than the page rank of your own.

Enough on the technical aspects of backlinks, let’s talk about the importance of them in general. A back link is like a sidewalk leading up to the front door of your store.

If you could have sidewalks coming at you from thousands of different ways think how many more visitors you would have. This is exactly what a back link does for your business.

Back links are long term security and an actual way for your home business website to thrive. They are also an excellent way for you to get traffic on a continual basis, long after you’ve created a back link to begin with.

This is why top Internet marketers spend time developing links back to their site through various marketing avenues. Some of the most popular ways to create a back link include getting a link pointing back to your site through article marketing, forum marketing, commenting on blog posts, and so on.

The problem with paid advertising is that when you quit paying you stop having visitors. The reason for this is they do not have a way to find you!

A back link stays online indefinitely, and therefore potentially can create you traffic for many years to come. This is why it’s important that you understand how many back links your website has and have a plan to continue to increase those.

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