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How Many Multiple Streams Of Income Do You Have

One thing appealing about making money on the Internet is the number of multiple streams of income you can create. Not necessarily the numbers of ways you can make money, but actually how many different ways you are making money at one time.

This is especially true when you market a home business on the Internet correctly. Here are a few ideas about creating multiple streams of income.

1. You can create a website that gives people choices. One way to do that is to create a portal site.

This is more of a theme park approach as opposed to a niche marketing website. A person comes to your site where they are going to get information on many different ways to make money for example, as opposed to targeting one specific home business opportunity.

2. Put the emphasis on building your list and then follow up with it to create multiple streams of income. A mailing list gives you the opportunity to sell multiple products in various ways.

For example, if you have a home business opportunity, you can also sell products that include traffic generation, website design, writing articles, and so on.

3. Create mini sites and do niche marketing is making many people a lot of money on the Internet by having several hundred websites going at one time.

These are known as mini sites and can be as short as one to five pages long. They target one specific product or business opportunity, and that’s exactly what they promote.

Once they have their site set up, and traffic coming to it than they branch out and start another one. This allows them to create multiple streams of income with various websites in different niches.

4. Set up multiple blogs and blog for money. Blogs are very easy to start and can be a take off on niche marketing mini sites. The difference is you could create a handful of say five to 10 blogs and write in them on an ongoing basis.

You could monetize these with affiliate programs such as Google Adsense, and products that you get paid to sell. You can even create your own products such as information reports and sell them for a 100% profit.

You really only are limited in the number of streams of income you have by the amount of time you want to take to set it up and manage it. Whether you choose to go the route of a portal site or create multiple streams in other ways such as niche marketing the opportunity is the same for everyone.

David Ogden is an established online marketer who specializes in practical website resources and advice that have helped many people like you start their very own home based business. He can help you launch your very own money making website today, ready to take orders and pull in massive profits for you right now, guaranteed!

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