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How Medical Practices Find More Time For Their Patients

Medical billing has become one of the most cost effective ways of operating a medical practice. No matter how big or small the practice is, medical billing can reduce the amount of time and energy that is spent filling out and submitting claims forms, allowing you staff to attend to the needs of your patients and office duties. Usually, a medical practice needs to hire one person for this position and most often it is very expensive.

Submitting claims forms to insurance companies can be a tedious and frustrating task. Endless hours are spent filling out forms and sending them to the insurance company everyday. The insurance company reviews medical form and if there is an error, which happens often, it is rejected and returned to the medical provider to be redone. When this happens, the workload for the medical biller is doubled. It can be overwhelming at times.

Another factor is that insurance companies receive millions of claim forms each week. They sit in stacks on employee desks until they can be processed. This can take weeks or even months for the claim to be reviewed, and if it is denied, the whole process starts all over again. It can be maddening, especially if the medical practice is depending on the refund from the insurance company.

A medical billing company can assist a physician practice on many levels. First, the personnel are highly trained and have a working relationship with most insurance companies. They are able to get claims processed faster than a single practice. The next factor of this type of company is that they file all of your claims electronically and submit it to the insurance company computers. This means that your claims do not sit on someone’s desk for an undetermined amount of time. The claim is either accepted or rejected immediately.

The acceptance level of a medical billing company is over ninety percent, which means that your claim will be paid n a matter of days and not weeks or months. If a claim is rejected, the medical billing company will correct the error and resubmit it. They also track each payment to find where it is in process and when the payment will be sent.

This is a great benefit to small practices that depend on the insurance payments to meet weekly or monthly obligations.

Medical billing services can be used by any type of medical practice. Big or small, no matter what the specialty is, the same quality service is offered.

Doing a simple Google search for medical billing will yield you with millions of links. It is important to research the ones that you are interested in as each has their own pricing and terms of service.

Many medical practices that have made the decision to use this type of service have been impressed with the results. They have found that they have more time for their patients and their staff can perform their duties more efficiently because of the time that is saved.

Peter Geisheker is CEO of The Geisheker Group marketing firm. One of the types of
clients that Peter helps are medical billing companies

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