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How The Digital Camera Revolution Helped The Amateur

In the past decade the good old 35 mm film camera have been rendered extinct by the digital camera and many companies, like Kodak have had to change or die.

There are many reasons why the digital cameras have become so popular despite an initial high price tag. They are fun to use, because they produce a finished image seconds after the shutter button is pressed. Digital cameras are also extremely convenient and inexpensive to use because you do not need to worry about wasting film or polluting the environment with chemicals.

Digital cameras gives you amazing control over your images. However their classifications are often confusing to a lot of new users, as they are distinguished by their resolution – how many pixels, or picture elements, the image sensor contains. And they are getting higher and higher in resolution. Digital cameras for amateurs are currently boasting of 10, 12, and even more mega-pixels of resolution.

Another advantage of the digital camera is that you can hook it up to your computer and manipulate your images in a multitude of ways. Never mind that you can save your favorite photos electronically

Digital cameras are constantly improving, and new models are being introduced at a rapid pace. Digital cameras are sorted by their resolution, how many pixels, or picture elements, the image sensor contains. The digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera is coming down in price and is slowly taking over the higher end digital camera market.

Digital cameras are becoming more and more sophisticated and are capable of excellent image quality. Their picture quality is quickly overtaking the old 35 mm film cameras.

The Film Photo labs are now offering digital photo printing and a growing variety of net-based services are expanding the range of ways in which digicam owners use their cameras. You can now order your prints over the Internet by emailing the file. A few days later you will receive your prints in the mail. Even an inexpensive digital camera is good enough to make great looking 8″X10″ prints and at a very reasonable cost

There is a group of digital camera products being offered, which are classified as point & click. They are very easy to operate and have become very popular with users who are not usually early adapters of personal electronics.

The domestic shipments of digital cameras overtook those of film cameras a few years ago, it is estimated that the sale of digital cameras this year will be in the double digit millions.

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