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How To Attract Men, The Question Answered Once And For All

The problem with attracting men is that there are too many myths that accompany this aspect of a woman’s life. And there is unneeded suggestions at all points in their life. For example, there is that mother who tells a woman how exactly she should take three steps in a party from the limelight to where she stands before, or that aunt who gives the woman all kinds of ‘reading material’ to get the right man, women have been burdened with a lot of suggestions, whether they have worked for them or not is another matter.

Let’s consider attraction for a moment. When does one get attracted to anything? The answer, when the thing is beautiful in itself. And that’s what a woman should keep in mind before searching for the answers for the question, find your perfect match. All women are beautiful and beauty is not just about a manicure and a pedicure. Beauty is a wholesome definition of a woman who thinks about the man, cares about him and does really want to make something of their lives together. Of course, to move ahead, one has to make some sacrifices now and then, and it is normally seen that the amount of sacrifices expected of a woman are quite more than the number of sacrifices expected from a man.

While the above sentence may seem to be written by a male chauvinist, it certainly is a bit nearer to the truth. However, no man would want a doormat, and if a man would want a doormat, you certainly would not want to be with the particular man. The road of sacrifices is not a one-way. If you do sacrifice something, your other half will obviously keep that in mind and try to make up to it when the right time comes. And that is another trait that you would have to attract men, patience. Not every man is made out right out of a Mills and Boons novel. Some are poor, some are unattractive, and some are physically unfit. You cannot get a diamond every time you bend down. There are some unpolished rocks which after some time do become a real, invaluable, diamond.

These are just two of the most basic answers to the question, what scents attract men. Each man is different and what may be one’s food may be the other’s poison.

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