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How to Choose Funny T Shirts as Gifts

Your friends and family members might enjoy getting funny T shirts for birthday and holiday presents. There is a great selection of humorous shirts on the Internet or in stores. There are a few things you need to think about when you select comical shirts for your loved ones.

1. Consider what kind of humor your loved one likes. One friend might like dark humor with a touch of cynicism. Another might like whimsical characters and sayings about the ironies of life. You might know someone who likes to focus on political satire. Whatever the person finds funny, you will probably find that type of humor on a shirt.

2. Think about the person’s pet peeves. People like to make fun of things they are unhappy about. If your family member is annoyed because she has to pay too much in taxes, she might enjoy a funny T shirt that makes light of the taxation system. For a person that is irritated by people who are obsessed with physical fitness, there are T shirts that make fun of health fanatics.

3. Reflect on the gift recipient’s ability to take a joke. If that person is overly sensitive or easily offended, it will have a bearing on the kind of funny T shirts you will buy for him or her. Look at the choices and imagine how that person will feel upon looking at the shirt. Decide if you can see the person wearing the shirt proudly.

4. Understand how well your friend or family member responds to adult humor. You would not want to give a funny T shirt about explicit subjects to someone who wants to keep the humor G rated. Many people will thoroughly enjoy a T shirt that caters to their naughty side. Just make sure before you give such a T shirt that the person has the capacity to find amusement in those words and images.

5. Take the time to learn about your loved one’s political leanings. People who support one political candidate might like a shirt making fun of the opposing candidate. Those who are affiliated with liberal politics might want to poke fun at conservatives. Finding the right political message will allow you to buy them a shirt that is right up their alley.

6. Find out about causes your friend supports. Someone who concentrates on efforts to reduce greenhouse gases or save endangered species can find wittiness in funny T shirts that make a point about nature. On the other hand, if your friend supports a cause, it might not be a good idea to choose a shirt that makes fun of the ideas they hold dear.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do once you have selected your gift is to choose an appropriate time to offer it. Some occasions are just too serious for anyone to appreciate the jokes on funny T shirts. If you choose the right shirt and the best time to give it, your loved one will always be pleased.

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