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How To Clean Up Orlando Flood Damage

Water left standing will cause extensive damage to the flooring and structure of a home and it is essential that the accumulated water should be removed as possible. Water left standing for even a few hours can cause extensive damage to the walls and flooring. The sooner all the water is removed the better. Then start the drying process throughout the house right away. The best way to dry out the interior of an Orlando home is by ventilation. Open all the doors and windows of the house to facilitate maximum air flow. Don’t forget to open closets that have been submerged in the water.

There are some precautions that should be followed when working in areas that have been inundated with contaminated water. If your vaccinations are not up to date, get a tetanus shot. There are many places in Orlando to do that. Wear protective gear to avoid direct contact with the contaminated water.

The rest of these precautions should be carried out after all the water has been removed from the house.

1 – The electricity should be turned off from the breaker box before entering the house to avoid electrocution. Get the wiring tested by a certified electrician before turning on the power back on.

2 – Check that all the gas appliances are turned off and that the main valve of the pipe supplying gas to the home is off as well.

3 – Keep an eye out for insects and other, possibly dangerous, creatures as they can be displaced from their natural habitats when flooding occurs and get moved along by the flood water.

4 – Hence it is recommended that you check for them throughout your home, especially in corners, cabinets and dark spaces.

It is not advisable to use dryers or heaters to help with the drying process since they promote humidity in the structure and this will lead to the formation of mold. Use air conditioners to help the drying process instead, letting them to run until the house is completely dry. You can purchase a water meter from any Orlando hardware store to check the humidity levels of any soaked surface.

Any wet surface is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. Once all the ruined items have been removed from the house, wash down all the surfaces using disinfectants. Bleach is best suited for this purpose and it will also help get rid of mold and spoilage them from growing altogether. Strong bleach in the ratio of 5:1 parts of water to one part of bleach and can be applied with a spray bottle. Make sure that you are adequately protected by wearing goggles and a face mask along with rubber gloves. Do not use bleach on fabrics since it might discolor them and even damage the fabric.

For some items like mattresses that are totally soaked and cannot be recovered it is best to dispose of them. If the damage is too extensive to take care of on your own, hire a professional cleaning company to conduct the restoration.

Richard Barthallo’s life experiences has made him a legend with Water Damage Restoration Orlando. He has assisted or advised on many Water damage Orlando emergencies.

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