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How To Overcome Some Disadvantages Of Low-Cost Notebooks

With all the powerful features come built in with the modern notebook computers, they are threatening the very existence of their desktop alternatives. The modern consumers have practically run out of good reasons to buy desktop computers as they can find all the essential features available with the notebook with no dramatic difference in the prices. Well, despite how close the notebook computers have come to their desktop replacements, some of us still need one or more features which may not be found in the notebooks.

However, this is not a very good reason why you should buy a desktop computer while you can get the same features and even more in a notebook at the same price. I have seen many users complain about the small screen size, absence of DVD burners, and other stuff like that which some standard low-cost notebooks might not have. However, the good news is you can always upgrade your notebook with any accessories you want. Let`s talk about a bit about the common features people have been heard complaining about and how to solve these problems easily.

DVD Burner: Some people crib that the notebook doesn`t have a DVD burner. If you are one of them then you can buy an external DVD burner and connect it with your notebook via the USB port. You will be ambushed with a galaxy of DVD burners; however, you can count on Hewlett-Packard DC4000 External DVD RW Writer. It can convert video from different formats such as Betamax, Digital8, VHS and Hi8. It also works as any other standard DVD writer and burns music, data, photos to DVD and CD. While taking a DVD burner take care of the compatibility of the accessory with your notebook.

Flat-LCD Screen: Few prefer watching their favourite action flicks on your notebook; blame it on the small screen. Take home a Flat- LCD screen monitor and watch your favourite movies in the virtual theatre surroundings. You can search and check for different Flat screen LCDs available and compare their prices. Also check for the contrast ratio, resolution and scanning frequency.

Musical Experience: Listening to music on the tinny notebook speakers is hardly interesting to any music lover. If you are suffering from this problem, buy your notebook a pair of speakers, preferably a model that comes with 5.1 speaker system with Dolby Digital and DTS Hardware decoding. It will offer you superlative sound quality both for listening to your favourite music and watching your favourite movies on your notebook.

Notebook Keyboard: Using the keyboard of the notebook can be tiring and painful for your fingers. How often have you ended up with your finger experiencing an unusual pressure? Even the notebook users may have experienced the generated heat on their hand. An additional keyboard is the best solution for it. You can enjoy the functionality from a wireless keyboard with a separate media pad for accessing. The keyboard combo is also available with a wireless optical mouse have great sensitivity of movements. Keyboards of varied types are available; just you need to find the best for you.

USB Mobile Port Replicator: Of course you are taking a notebook to take it with you wherever you go. But where are you going to plug in all these accessories if you are taking it to some other place. You can`t afford every time to plug them out while moving and plug in again while using. You can sort the problem out with an USB mobile port replicator. Whatever you need to plug into your laptop you can plug into it and plug in the USB mobile port replicator to your notebook.

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