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How to Promote Interest in Environmental Causes by Using Custom T Shirts

Corporations and individuals are doing more to protect the environment, but it is still not enough. The natural world is in a state of crisis that calls for action. If you are concerned about environmental causes, you can use custom T shirts to get people more interested.

One thing you will want to choose when designing a shirt for your earth-friendly cause is something with a prominent green color. The actual shirt could be green or the shirt could be another color with a large green emblem. This is important because the universal color of the environmental movement is green.

You might belong to a local group of ecologically-minded people. You can all get custom T shirts to wear to support your ideas. The focus might be on replacing fossil fuels with solar or wind energy. Your group might be concerned about clear-cutting of rainforests. Whatever the causes you wish to support, you can wear your shirts to show others how you feel about them.

You may be able to set up a design for anyone to use if you go to the right online shirt store. The message and picture could be of your own choosing. Then, you could advertise to direct individuals to the site to buy their own matching shirts to take part in the organization activity. Soon you would see your earth-friendly ideas being expressed all over town; and perhaps all over the world.

It is sometimes possible to get support from corporations with local offices. There are several ways companies can help. They can increase awareness by having a green week. For that week, employees will be asked to work on projects that help the cause. Anyone who completes their project could be given a shirt recognizing their accomplishments.

Corporations can also be given a chance to sell custom T shirts with an environmentally sound message. The corporations would foot the bill for the basic cost of the T shirt, and the employees could chip in an amount they choose to donate to the cause in order to buy the shirt. In this way, funds can be raised to do some activities such as building zero energy homes or researching alternative fuels for cars.

When corporations get in on the act, they can have a profound effect on individuals. They can encourage their employees to think about the world around them. Businesses can set up brainstorming sessions on how to clean up the land, streams, and air. If everyone is given a custom T shirt for their efforts, they will take more pride in the part they have played on the panels.

If you want to get the word out that everyone needs to think about the earth’s natural environment, you need tools to do it. A shirt can be such a tool. You can bring about a change in people’s attitudes and awareness when you share your designs and custom T shirts with them.

Ron Subs works with Sonic Shack as a public relations consultant, more information about Sonic Shack can be found at

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