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How To Properly Assemble Your Model Car

Maybe you have just decided to try building your first model car. Maybe your loved one decided it was something you might enjoy doing. Either way, you are about to begin a voyage into a much loved hobby that is enjoyed in many countries across the world. Model building can be very rewarding and can also be a great stress reliever. One thing you will need to know before you begin is the proper method to assembling a quality model car.

The only thing you need to get started are your model, some model adhesive, and a toothpick. It is also handy if you have a small hobby clamp to hold small parts together as the adhesive dries. While it might not take long to do so the parts can sometimes slide allowing the parts to slip apart. Something else that can come in very handy is alcohol wipes and a drop cloth. The drop cloth will catch any drips that happen to come from the gluing process and the alcohol wipes can help to clean up any glue that goes astray.

The first place to start is by identifying the first parts you need to assemble. Go ahead and carefully remove these pieces from their plastic frame. You may notice some extra bits of plastic that are left over from the manufacturing process. These pieces of plastic are known as flashing. It is okay to go ahead and carefully cut them away from the parts as well. Once you have done this you can try a dry fit. A dry fit is when you hold two parts together and see how they will match up before you glue them in place. If the fit is good then you are ready to proceed.

Place just a small amount of the adhesive onto your toothpick. You will then take the toothpick and use it to place a small amount of adhesive on the parts to be attached. The reason you use the toothpick is to prevent making a mess by applying too much adhesive to the parts that are being joined. Once you have done this you can place the parts together. If you have a clamp and are able to use it on these parts then you can feel free to clamp them lightly. After you have attached the parts together you should then set them aside and let them dry for a few hours to ensure that the adhesive has time to set up.

There are a couple of points that you will want to remember. Treat your adhesive right. By making sure that the top is replaced properly each time you will be able to get several models out of one tube. Improvise if you don’t have any hobby clamps. A rubber band, or paper clip may work just as well. If you are working with chrome plated or painted parts you should make sure and remove the bit that will be in contact with the glue. It can cause the parts to not fit as well if it is left on. Above all, do not worry overly much. Model building can be very fun if you allow it.

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