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How to Use Custom T-Shirts in Company Team-Building

Making a team out of a fairly random group of individuals can be quite difficult at times. The leaders and supervisors of a company are tasked with building a team of people who work together towards common goals. Incentives are great, and custom T-shirts can be an interesting choice for any business.

It is a good idea to promote the concept of the team by getting everyone a shirt with a positive message on it. It could be a colorful rendition of the company logo, or simply an upbeat slogan. It is important to include everyone in the concept of the custom T-shirts. For example, the shirt might say “Architects Rule!” If you also have engineers working on the team, you need to find a more inclusive slogan so that everyone will be represented.

A part of your design might be your team mission. Every team has its goals, and your team will need to keep those goals in mind as they work each day. If it is a job where the team members can wear the custom T-shirts every day, it might be a good idea to list the goals right on the shirts. This can be done in a way that makes everyone want to be a part of making them happen.

Once you have chosen your shirt design, you will find that there are numerous different ways you can use the custom T-shirts in your team-building. First of all, you can make the shirt available to those who work together on a project. It could be selling TVs or installing air conditioners. Whatever the job, a team will work harder if they are getting recognition for their efforts.

You can also have a large number of custom T-shirts made up when you order them. Give them out to your team when they show willingness to cooperate with each other. Then when you get new employees, make it possible for them to earn a shirt by joining the efforts of their team. If team members have earned their shirt by completing training to further the aims of the team, let a new member have a shirt when they finish the same training.

Your company team will work together towards a common purpose if they feel that they belong to something bigger than themselves. Yet, it is important that the custom T-shirts not be too impersonal. Instead of a company logo for a giant corporation, it might be better to focus on the part of the company where your workers are employed. The division and location of your team are parts of what makes it unique.

You can encourage your employees to think like a cohesive unit if you treat them like one. Ordering them custom T-shirts is one way to give every worker a sense of belonging in the group.

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