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Imagine a World of Marquees

Marquees are definitely an important aspect in peoples lives today, especially for businesses. But would the world and the planet not be much healthier and environmentally friendly if it was turned into a marquee zone. Lets for a second get rid of all the houses and all of the flats and replace them all with brand new marquees that are equally fit to house all of the current and future technologies. Not only would they look nice and be spacious but they would also be great for the environment.

As a green eco friend, I believe more buildings should be created on the basis of these types of tents. Although they would not look as futuristic as some buildings would, it would carve a way to actually do something good for the earth. There could although be some negative downsides in this sort of plan, such as security risks, there are a few questions to consider such as how the marquees will be secured to stop thieves from gaining access, a basic fact is that you would not want to be leaving your valuables lying around in the view of a thief. But I am sure there could be an easy solution to things like this such as making the marquees a permanent fixture into the ground.

Besides from homes there could be a wide variety of other sectors where a marquee would look great such as a football stadium. A state of the art stadium which can also be designed with the teams in mind, because tents are so easy to customise the team logos would be an effortless add on to any football tent. Another great use would be a cinema, as we all know cinemas use a projector which gleams onto a screen to show the films images, so how about projecting the movie onto the actual marquee itself giving customers a more surround feel.

This being said I don’t believe it will ever happen for the simple fact that it will take to much work, governments are always talking about ways to change the environment for the better, but it just feels as if sometimes they just say it to sound good, as I have never seen them perform any actions. Well whatever they decide I believe a world of marquee building would be great for our environment and great for the people as they would be more in touch with nature itself.

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