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International Moving in an Unstable World

The world in most regions is not as unstable as many, particularly members of the media, would have you believe. There is war in certain areas and some of the governments in the world have changed while others have come back to power, but the evolution of world trade and e-commerce have made the world of this century a smaller and safer place to live. International moving can be done into countries that not too long ago forbade the entry of any foreign citizens or the exit of their own.

The most obvious region that comes to mind when people hear the words unstable world is the Middle East. International moving to the Middle East is more popular today than it has ever been. Oil rich nations like Dubai and Kuwait have created industry that has opened up jobs in the fields of technology and construction that never existed before and candidates from the United States and Europe are pouring in by the day. Israel, with its superior technology, is quickly becoming a world economic power and is attracting large numbers of both Jews and Gentiles. International moving companies have sprung up throughout the region and are thriving with the business that’s coming in.

Europe was unified by an agreement and a single currency back in 2002, forming the European Union and adopting the Euro as a method of exchange. International moving between European countries has never been easier. The economy is thriving and people are finding it easier to set up new businesses over the border and in cyberspace. The government of Yugoslavia dissolved and was replaced by the republics of Bosnia, Croatia and Slovenia. Germany has been re-unified and its citizens can now travel freely both in and outside of the country. These are all changes that have contributed to stability, not instability.

North America remains solid, although international moving to the United States is more difficult than it used to be before 911. South America has its normal share of revolutions going on but businesses from the United States and Europe are developing manufacturing plants in many South American countries because of the lower labor costs. Asia has become the world’s manufacturing source for linens, jewelry and inexpensive technology.

Hopefully these facts and figures will open the eyes of those of you who have contemplated an international moving venture and have been discouraged by people who claim that the world is unstable. The world has been going through growing pains in the last fifty years and the changes that have come about as a result of them have been mostly positive ones. International moving and exposure to new cultures is a healthy thing. If more people do it we will find ourselves living in a society unified by our similarities, not separated by our differences. Those who consistently point at the negative events in the world as indicators of instability are feeding the very fear that creates instability. Use common sense and you can go anywhere in the world that you want to go. Of course, you’ll have to hire an international moving company if you want to bring your stuff with you.

Nir Dotan is a writer and promoter of
International Moving services, and
Omega Shipping Local as well as International Moving.

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