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International Moving Information for Moving to Austria

International moving can be both stressful and exciting at the same time. Choosing the right international moving company to help you with your move can make your experience more fulfilling and less of a headache. If you are planning on moving to a European country such as Austria it is important to have everything prepared ahead of time so you can enjoy this historic country when you arrive.

Austria, particularly Vienna, was once the heart of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and still retains much of the formality and customs of nobility to this day. The entry requirements are standard as far as European countries are concerned. An international moving company can instruct you on what items may be brought into the country and what the current import tax rates are.

If you are moving in from the United States you can get a list of health and financial requirements from your local post office when you apply for a passport. An international moving company will pack your belongings and prepare an inventory list to be presented to customs officials. Tariffs and taxes vary depending on the nature of the items shipped. If you are moving a vehicle you should have your international moving company check into emission and safety equipment requirements.

Austria is a country filled with castles and relics left over from its glory days of being a medieval kingdom. There are a number of sites to see and it’s easy to lose yourself in the quaint villages and coffee shops where time seems to have stood still since the 17th Century. When you first seek out an international moving company to relocate you ask if they information on historic and natural attractions that you should visit.

The currency used in Austria, like most European countries now, is the Euro. Internet access is available in most major cities so you will not be stranded without technology. If you are moving from the United States and plan to maintain your status as a U.S. citizen then you should make sure that you know where the nearest embassy is. In Vienna, it is at Boltzmanngasse 16, A-1090 Vienna. Other embassy locations are available throughout the country and can be acquired by your international moving company when you arrive.

The most dramatic change that Americans go through when they move to Europe is the adjustment to cultures that are older, more refined and usually more polite than people in the United States. It is not uncommon to see residents in Vienna spend hours sitting at a coffee shop reading and just watching the world go by. When you plan your move to Austria make it a point to get a list of shops and clubs that are in the vicinity of your new residence. Moving is always stressful but it should also be exciting and rewarding, particularly if you’re moving to a new country. Let your international moving company do the work and enjoy the sights and sounds of your new home.

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