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International Moving Information for Moving to France

France is a country of lights, romance and diversity that is unparalleled anywhere else in Europe. An international moving experience to France can be the highlight of a lifetime if you do it right or an absolute nightmare if you do it wrong. The right way is to hire an international moving company to assist you.

Every country has entry requirements for international moving and France is no exception. A passport is required and a visa if you plan on working when you arrive. If you purchase property there are legal issues that must be resolved before you can move in. Seek out an attorney who is licensed in both your country of origin and in France to handle the transfer of ownership.

Before you begin the international moving process you need to take a medical examination and get any required vaccinations. France has guidelines that include quarantines for anyone infected or suspected of being infected with an infectious disease. Do research ahead of time before you call for an international moving company and make sure that you have fulfilled all the necessary medical requirements.

The unit of currency in France is the Euro and they are a member of the European Union. If you choose to become a French citizen you will have access and privileges in other European countries. If you retain your current citizenship status or apply for dual citizenship make sure that you know where your embassy is located. The U.S. Embassy in Paris is at 2 av. Gabriel, 8e. The telephone country code is 33 and internet access is available almost anywhere.

When you make the decision to begin the international moving process you should contact your embassy and the Customs Department to find out what the entry requirements are. Make sure that you meet all of them and then contact an international moving company or relocation specialist. You can do it yourself but it’s not recommended. There are taxes, fees and procedures that need to be followed that an experienced professional will know how to handle for you.

When you pack, throw out or sell any articles of furniture that you don’t absolutely need. International moving is expensive so it’s not the time to be a pack rat. Sentimental value is one thing but ask yourself how much it’s really worth to you. There are always storage units if you don’t want to take it with you. Many people move to another country only for a short period of time and storage is much cheaper than overseas shipping.

Your belongings will most likely be shipped to France by sea if you are coming from the United States. When you pack, each item must be placed on an inventory list and the entire shipment will be inspected when it arrives in France. Certain items are illegal to import and will be seized as contraband if you try to include them. To avoid legal problems have a reputable international moving company handle the whole process for you.

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