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International Moving Information For Moving to Norway

Norway is not one of the top international moving destinations in Europe but it is well worth the trip if you happen to go there. Considered Europe’s last great frontier, Norway is a land of majestic mountains, crystal clear fjords and rivers, and rustic villages that have stood unchanged since the 11th century. The capital city of Oslo, in contrast, is quickly becoming one of the most happening cities on the continent.

There are a number of factors that people consider when contemplating international moving and there are many reasons why people choose to leave their country of origin. The most common of these today is corporate relocation. Most Americans move to another country for job opportunities. Norway is a country that has developed in recent years and now offers many high tech jobs that were not available before.

People also leave their country of origin for political reasons. Many of the residents of war torn countries in the Middle East and Eastern Europe have chosen the international moving route to find peace and safety for their families. Norway is one of the most peaceful and crime free countries in the world.

Norway’s unit of currency is the Kroner (Crown) and they are not a member of the European Union. Because of their geographical position and the ideal living conditions there, Norway is expensive. If Oslo is your international moving destination, make sure that you have a good job lined up and a hefty bankroll to start with. Also, be prepared for some really fresh air. Oslo is the most forested capitol city on earth and there is virtually no smog or pollution there.

The import and export regulations in Norway are in line with most other European countries. Personal belongings are subject to import tax and must be inventoried by your international moving company for inspection. Automobiles need to meet local emission standards and often are cost prohibitive for international moving. You will want to research the price and determine if purchasing a new vehicle when you arrive might be a better option.

International moving companies should have experience in shipping to any country you choose as a destination. Each government has a set of rules that must be followed and not all of them are the same. When you are shopping around for an international moving company, make sure that they have specific knowledge about moving and shipping to Norway. Experience can make a big difference when you arrive and are waiting for your furniture to be delivered. If the international moving company doesn’t do it right your belongings could be delayed or even seized at Customs.

The American Embassy in Oslo is located at Drammensveien 18, N-0244 and the telephone country code is 47. Internet service is widespread in Oslo but may be limited in the countryside. Check with your local provider before you leave for available overseas options. Be prepared to pay a VAT (Value added tax) of 19.35% on any goods or services. This tax is generally included in the price you are given.

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