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International shipping of Clothing

International shipping companies transport thousands of items by ship, plane, truck and train every day on every continent in the world. There are different preparations and shipping requirements for certain items and rules of import at each port. Clothing is an item that makes the international shipping industry billions of dollars every year and doesn’t require a whole lot in the way of precautions or specialized equipment.

Clothing, for the purposes of this article, is defined as any item that a person wears for practical or fashionable purposes. Designer clothing is one type that international shipping companies bring from overseas to the United States regularly. Italy, France, Great Britain and many Asian nations design and export clothing that is expensive and popular at the same time. Sales in the U.S. market keep international shipping companies extremely busy transporting dresses, pants and designer shirts to a population that is hooked on anything that is new and different.

The United States itself is the largest exporter of clothing in the world. Levi-Strauss and Hanes are two of the biggest earners in the international clothing market. Blue jeans have become a premium item in many countries and a symbol of America’s influence on the rest of the world. Since the fall of the Soviet Union and the lift on trade sanctions to Eastern Europe, blue jeans have become the best-selling non-sneaker item of clothing on the market today. International shipping companies have entire ships dedicated to the transport of relax fit and bell-bottom jeans to foreign nations.

Sneaker companies have also been a major factor in the increased income generated by international shipping company. Professional athletes in the United States like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have endorsed companies such as Nike and sent sales through the roof. World media coverage of the NBA and NFL has added to the billions spent in advertising by sneaker companies and turned what was once an experimental shoe into an international phenomenon.

Outsourcing is another reason why international shipping companies are making money in the clothing industry. Much of the clothing that is purchased in the United States and Europe is actually manufactured in the poorer countries of Asia where labor costs are low. The Philippines, Taiwan and China are the points of origin for many of the t-shirts, sneakers, and baseball caps that are worn by young people in Western countries. Most of the official apparel of the NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball is actually manufactured in Asia.

Most of us go shopping and buy whatever is on sale or designer labels that are popular. Our children often see television commercials with their favorite athletes or music videos that highlight certain types of apparel which we buy to keep them happy. The growth and efficiency of the international shipping industry has made all of this possible and given us clothing choices from around the world. They bring us sneakers, hats, shirts, jeans, shorts, jackets and designer dresses. I just wish they could bring me a raise so I could pay for it all.

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