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Iphone – Not Just A Cell Phone, A Style Statement

iPhone, the internet enabled phone, combines the features of mobile phone, ipod and wireless internet device in a single package. But the most innovative feature of the device is multi-touch screen. Besides the touch based interface of the screen the iphone allows to view it in landscape and portrait mode as well. Is not it that easy to handle the phone with just the touch of two fingers? Another striking feature of the iphone is its multimedia massaging system. Basically, it is a pretty and easy-to-use device. Though there have been some other manufacturers of iphones, Apple was the first one to get much attention for its product.

When you take into account the configuration, the small, thin device that fits in the palm comfortably boasts a brilliant display. It has got a 3.5 inches screen and 480*320 pixel resolutions that gives fluid movements, sharp graphic and brilliant colors. In an iphone by Apple the menu interface is innate, attractive and easy to use. The features are easy to find some are present at the bottom of the screen and some other features are displayed above. As essential features are not buried under the menu it makes the system user friendly. You can browse them quickly as the fluid animation allows you go through different functions. Worried about how to operate? Well, the touch screen can serve the purpose of your keyboard, your dialpad, your music and video player and safari browser.

With all its flaws iphone is a revolutionary invention. Though it lacks some of the features that most of the basic phones have, it does things that barely any phone can do. However, the gorgeous hand-held computer with its touch sensitive glass screen is no more a wonder to anyone. The storage capacity of the phone depends on the type of model you choose. In any model 700 megabyte is occupied by the software of the phone. Besides, there is room for 825 or 1825 songs depending on the model. Then again, the price for the iphone varies with the model.

Price apart, you can get a cellphone, e-mail terminal, web browser, video ipod, camera, palm-type organizer. The software is the most attractive part of the iphone. You cant get lost in the puzzled menu, rather the button below the screen will take you to the home page if you ever. The eye-candy features of the iphones from Apple are a fun to use. You can check your waiting massages with just a press of a button and they will list as the emails. Now you are saved from the boring robot giving you information about your messages. One battery charge allow you 8 hours of call, 24 hours of audio or 7 hours of video.

Iphone, today, are bluetooth, USB and WiFi enabled. The device with its sleek design, stunning display, multi-touch user interface and safari browser makes an wonderful experience. All these features overshadow its missing features like slow data network and quality of call. In the days to come, there will be remarkable development in the technology of iphone that will overcome its existing shortcomings.

So, be a proud owner of a new and fancy iphone. It is an useful and productive tool. If you have got an iphone there is no specific reason why you should take an ipod or a mobile device.

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