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Is Dining Out The Secret To Fat Loss?

There’s no doubt in my mind that people think that losing weight and dining out are almost complete opposites. They’re wrong! It is totally possible to lose weight even when you go out for dinner or lunch or whatever. Just make smart choices!

Don’t even start thinking that you can binge on not-so-good-for-you foods just because you’re dining out. If you truly, seriously and genuinely want to lose weight and keep it off, make sure to stick to your healthy eating habits and make smart choices when you’re out at restaurants. (I say restaurants because, try as they may, fast food places do not have healthy foods. Period.)

You don’t have to avoid going out for dinner at all! Instead, enjoy restaurants while you’re working to lose weight and here are some tips for choosing the best and healthiest foods while dining out:

1. When you’re browsing the menu, remember the best food groups to eat: meats and vegetables, and remember the types of foods to avoid for those who want to lose weight: dairy, fried, creamy-anything and anything that sounds overly sugary.

2. If you’re not sure about a particular menu item, ask! It never hurts to ask what the specific ingredients of a dish are. Hey, if you want to lose weight, you have to make sure good ingredients are in your dinner!

3. If your menu item comes with some sort of sauce or dressing, ask for it on the side so you can control how much of it you eat. If it’s creamy, try to avoid it all together because creamy items do not help you lose weight.

4. If there’s an item that’s usually fried, see if it can be broiled, grilled or even roasted instead. These are much healthier cooking methods and they don’t include that gross grease that will totally stop your weight loss efforts in their tracks.

5. Take your time when you eat and just enjoy the company of your family or friends who are dining with you. So eat slowly. This will let you really taste your food, which makes it more pleasant, and it can show your companions that you are a great listener and great company (even though you’re eating slowly also to help yourself lose weight).

6. Share a dessert! If you’re with your significant other, call it being romantic. If not, call it being generous! Hey, better yet, skip dessert all together! That’s true weight loss determination if I’ve ever heard it.

7. The dreaded buffet is really not as bad as you think. Just avoid the same things as above. Use a smaller plate so you can control your portion size and it will make you get up even more often and possibly you’ll be full sooner! Stick to the same tip of eating slowly, especially at a buffet and you’ll be able to control your intake easily and help your weight loss efforts.

8. Remember that it takes 20 minutes or so for your stomach to tell you that it’s full. Once you feel that full-feeling, stop eating.

9. Try not to drink water or other liquids WHILE you’re eating. This can lessen the effectiveness of your digestive system. Instead, eat slowly and don’t drink until you’re almost done with your meal. It helps your digestive system do its job that much more effectively.

See, dining out and losing weight do work well together! You just need to remember and use these tips when you go out. Keep yourself happy and social while you lose weight and you’ll be a happier and healthier person!

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