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Is Selling A Timeshare Like Selling A House

This is question that we get asked a lot: is selling a timeshare a lot like selling a house?

We are here to tell you that selling a timeshare is a more daunting task than selling a house (read: it is easier to sell a house), and it is because timeshare units are not of real estate properties. They are, in fact, luxury items that you invest in for the sheer pleasure of an extended stay at a resort. It is not as important as having a roof over your head.

There can be a lot of reasons why you want to sell your units of timeshare. Maybe you want to invest your money in something that earns interest. You may need the money, or maybe you are simply not using your timeshares as much as you like. If it is not work, something always came up.

Most timeshare salesmen would be quick about telling you about how wonderful it is to have timeshare, you are able to stay at a five-star resort at the cost of a cheaper, but not necessarily cheap hotel. None of these salesmen will tell you about how difficult it is to tell timeshares.

But selling your timeshares really does not have to be that bloody. Here are some tips in selling your timeshares:

- Start at a realistic price. The prices of timeshares vary greatly, but your reselling price should be better than resorts prices for new timeshares. They must see the value of buying a timeshare property from you.

- Advertise. Now matter how great a deal you are offering, you will not get an offer to buy if you do not tell people that your timeshare is for sale. You can have your timeshare listed with an agent or realtor or you can do it yourself. A realtor would typically not charge you a listing fee but would take a cut of the commission. But really, you are much better off advertising your timeshare with a listing company. It may charge a listing fee but the people that run it would know where to list the timeshare so it can get sold, however, it is your duty to find out the company you are dealing with is reputable. Doing it yourself almost always means you have to place an ad yourself.

- Accept and close. There will always be responses to your ad, so you have to be prepared to accept an offer to buy and close the deal. If you do not have the experience, it is better if you enlist a timeshare closing company. Doing it yourself might cost you a lot more than what you have to pay the closing company.

Out on the Internet, there are companies that broker buying and selling timeshares. The good thing about these companies is that they have a ready audience of over one million timeshare buyers and sellers.

Keep in mind that the first thing that potential buyers do when they respond to your advertisement is to take a tour of your resort and its surrounding area. That is where the resort directory comes in handy.

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