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Restoring Water Damaged Hardwood Floors in Orlando Florida

The result of a home being flooded by a plumbing problem may not be as serious as the devastation caused by a flood from a hurricane that landfalls in Miami or Orlando, but it can still cause a lot of water damage. Flooding can still ruin hardwood floors and other articles in the home. Getting the water cleaned up as quickly as possible is the most important thing you need to do. The less time your items spend completely saturated with water, the better.

If you find you have a flooding problem happening, the first thing you need to address is the water and electricity. It is important to call your homeowner’s insurance company right away to tell them you are flooded because of plumbing disasters are usually covered by your homeowner’s insurance. They will tell you what to do next to get someone to help with the cleaning of the house or and whatever repairs that might be necessary.

While your wait for help to arrive, you should do whatever you can to remove things that are being damaged by the water. First, remove furniture and anything else that can be ruined by water contact. If possible, put these items either outside or upstairs. If the water is not too high, begin sweeping as much of it as you can out of the house. If it is not too deep, a wet/dry vacuum might also be helpful. Remember it is imperative that the water is removed as quickly as possible.

Be sure you check the credentials of the cleanup crew that you hire to take care of the water damage. This is hard to remember when you are in the midst of an emergency, but it is crucial that the crew is qualified with a license and insurance in Orlando. After you have seen that they are qualified to do the work let them take over the cleanup. Things should move along quickly after this.

Hardwood floors can be expensive to replace so it is good to know that if the water was not on the floors for a long enough time to cause any warping or other damage, they may be saved. If the floors can be salvaged this is the best to go with. The less money it costs your insurance company, the less your future premiums might be. This could also ensure that the insurance company will not cancel you altogether. Another reason to restore your hardwood floors rather than replacing them, besides the cost, is that you will not suffer by having your floors ripped out. It could take weeks of demolition and repair time before the floors can be useable again and not having usable floors is an extreme inconvenience whether you live in Orlando, Florida or elsewhere.

Richard Barthallo enjoys sharing his life experiences and is a legend at Water Damage Restoration Orlando. He has assisted or advised on many Water Damage Orlando extractions.

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