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Styling on the Cheap

There have been times that my entire outfit shoes included, have cost about 10 dollars. If you saw my out fit you never would have guessed it. How do I do it?

I shop at places that you might not expect to get a beautiful outfit. I shop at the Goodwill, Salvation Army, Unique thrift store, Walmart and places like St Vincent de Paul. I love shopping at the Goodwill because you have the added bonus of knowing that Goodwill supports many programs that benefit the community. I accessorize with vintage jewelry, fabulous belts and stylish bags that I find on sale. Also keep in mind that even in some of the more expensive stores you can find huge bargains.

To achieve a look that does not look cheap or cost a fortune you have to make shopping into an art. Most thrift stores have either customer appreciation day, deep discount items or discount days. Find out when they have these specials. Form an alliance with other shoppers so that they can call when they find a big sale or to go shopping with you to cover more ground. Form an alliance with the sales staff and ask them to call you when something you want goes on sale. I found two of my favorite belts for a dollar a piece at Walmart. They were the wide patent leather belts that are very popular. When asked where did I get my belt, I smile and say Walmart for one dollar. I really love a good bargain.

Exam the clothing item very carefully and try it on if you can. It is not a bargain just because it is cheap. It is a bargain if it is cheap, in good shape and you can use it. I mentioned the thrift stores but I have to say something about the big department stores. One of my favorites is Dillards. I have gotten more designer shoes there than any other place, but I wait for a big sale. Sometimes I am very busy and do not have the time to search for bargains like I want to.

I have a great friend that I call the queen of shopping because she seems to have an uncanny ability to find a great sale. She calls me whenever she finds one. So if you want to look good and save money for something else make a shopping plan. Carry only the amount that you planned to spend. Bring back only the things that you think you will use and happy shopping.

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