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The Advantages Of Having An Au Pair For Childcare

The number of families choosing to bring an au pair into their home is increasing drastically. According to the US State Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, almost 22,000 au pairs entered the United States in 2007 alone. So why are so many families opting for a young person from another country to care for their children?

An Au Pair Is Affordable:

For families looking for in home childcare, an au pair provides more opportunities at a fraction of the cost of other childcare services. With the cost of living skyrocketing and wages staying the same, this is a huge benefit for the average American household. A full time nanny, for instance, can cost more than $2400 per child every month with many live in nannies being considerably more.

When a family hosts an au pair for childcare, there are a few different costs involved, but the overall expense is considerably less. The au pair receives a weekly stipend for spending money. The host family is also responsible for paying things such as education, insurance, and travel costs as well living expenses and fees associated with bringing in a foreign childcare giver. In all, costs average out to approximately $294 per week regardless of the number of children in the family.

An Au Pair Is Convenient:

Welcoming an au pair into your home requires less footwork on the part of the host family than other childcare options. There is no need to advertise for the position, and best of all, the program has access to a larger number of applicants than families can attract on their own. The program already has most of the finer details worked out such as the program standards, regulations and stipend eliminating the need for negotiation since both applicants and host families already know what to expect. These programs also perform the necessary background checks on both sides.

A live-in childcare giver allows for greater flexibility when it comes to child care hours and location. This is especially helpful when the unexpected happens. The family and the au pair can determine the exact work schedule depending on the needs of all involved, rather than being forced to stick to a set timeframe.

An Au Pair Is Part Of The Family:

Rather than being an employee, an au pair becomes a valued friend that takes part in the host family’s lifestyle directly, building a bond that enhances the family environment. Because the au pair is working so closely with the host family, everyone has the opportunity to learn each other’s preferences and routines. Best of all, the friendship and experiences can last for a lifetime.

Choosing to host an au pair eases many different stresses a host family faces when looking for childcare. The affordability and convenience of this childcare option makes it far superior to other options for most families. Best of all, an au pair can provide a style of childcare that is customized specifically for the family rather than simply going through the motions of basic childcare

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