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The Truth About Buying A Star

If you’re looking for the perfect gift why not consider buying a star? It’s a fun, unique and thoughtful gift and not only does it have novelty value, but also comes with loads of information about the star itself and astronomy in general. Your friend or relative will be suitably impressed.

Just keep in mind that what you are buying is only a registration with the particular company that you’re working with. No one can actually buy a star. The only agency that has rights to name stars is the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and when I checked on their website they stated that they do not sell star names. Some of you might think of going to NASA, but you can’t buy a star from NASA either.
So what if you’re not actually buying the star. The point is that it is a thoughtful and very memorable gift. Anyone receiving their own star named after them is likely to be very flattered that you thought so much of them. Don’t think about the fact that the star isn’t register with the IAU, but remember that in gift giving it’s the thought that counts.

International Star Registry is one popular company that you can use to dedicate a star to someone. There are a variety of others and you get pretty much the same thing from all of them, but it could pay to shop around a bit. Some companies have prices as low as $15 to name a star for someone.

Your friend or relative will really appreciate this cool gift when you give it to them. Each star comes with it’s own certificate on parchment paper as well as a star map showing the location of the star, the name a coordinates in the sky for your star and other bonuses. You will probably get a short book on astronomy and may get a pamphlet detailing the history of the star. You can also by such things as a congratulations letter for the new star owner and a frame for the parchment certificate. The frame is actually a pretty good idea if the person plans on displaying the certificate and also to protect it.

Buying a star in the sky is simply a novelty gift that’s really cool and thoughtful. It’s the thought that counts and everyone you would buy a star for will understand that the thought is definitely there. If you want to buy a star take your time to investigate several of the top star registration companies to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

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