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What A Medical Billing Company Can Do For Your Practice

Just because a doctor owns his own practice does not mean that he is doing particularly well. It might be true, but it also may not be. A physician does not necessarily have the right business skills to run his office and will not be very successful monetarily. They can be the best doctors in the world but they must have the right skills in billing for their practice to reap the rewards.

If the doctor is smart enough to recognize this weakness, he can hire the services of a medical billing company to take care of all his office needs.

Trained professionals who know all the ins and outs of insurance and medical billing staff a medical billing company. They are capable of handling all aspects of making claims to the insurance company and getting the payments in on time.

Insurance companies don’t make things easy for the medical practice. They have a tendency to deny claims at the drop of a hat.

If the practice is very busy and sees a great many patients there will be a lot of claims that need to be submitted to the insurance company. If only one member of the practices staff is handling this they will have to manually fill out and submit the claims for every patient that goes through the office. If there is one mistake on these claims the insurance company will deny it immediately and send it back. Now that one person has to refill out the form correctly in addition to the new claims that they must do every day.

Even when everything is done right it can still take the insurance company a very long time to send the payment. For a small practice this can spell disaster. If there are a couple of denials and late payments this can effectively put the practice out of business.

A medical billing company can put all of those worries to rest. The staff of the practice will no longer have to do all of the work that is required for the insurance companies. The billing company utilizes professionals who will be able to get all of the claims filled out and filed in a timely manner. They will also be able to use electronic means to file the claims. This gets rid of the manual method of submitting claims.

The professional at the medical billing company will also make sure that the claim makes it all the way through to the insurance company and is paid. They take the time to monitor the claims all the way through the process. Medical billing companies have a very high success rate for getting their claims paid.

When a claim is submitted electronically it will be denied or accepted immediately. When it is accepted the funds will be sent to the practice within a few days instead of the months that it could take with a manual system.

For a smaller practice this is a big deal. To get their money in a timely manner is the one factor that will decide if they are in business in a week. For practices that think a medical billing company is too costly to justify, they should sit down and figure out what it is costing them to do it in their current manner.

This type of billing company will be beneficial for any practice, regardless of the specialty.

Peter Geisheker is CEO of The Geisheker Group marketing company. One of the types of clients that Peter helps are medical billing companies and medical billing services

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