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Which Online Business Is For Me

When I first started online I thought to myself, how easy this is, and I bet you were quite excited when you started. And the thing is, I made money right away, and have always made money online. I know why people fail and why people make absurds amounts of money. The secrets are easy, and I would love to just simply share them right now, but lets face it. If you are lazy, your not going to make money online or anyware. And with that being said, you can work your 9-5 JOB, and work very hard, yet still not get ahead in life, start an online business. I’m not saying your lazy, but if you are…

Stop being lazy, because if you implement what I will teach, I guarantee you will make money. So the reason I am writing about EDC top earners is simply because they know how to market, so think about this, most internet marketers in RFS or GRN didnt chose EDC simply because of the product. And now they are not making any money, with a great product, you see my point.

If you can sell anyone anything, so then what if you drive 1000 people to your website? Some one will buy, someone somewhere will buy. Combine that with your sales ability. It is a no brainer that knowing how to market with ease is more important than product. All the top comapies have great websites and great products, but the failures dont know how to market, join EDC and learn how. Then go on to market whetever it is that you think it is you want to sell.

By the way, did I mention I am a master closer, not a sales person. Go into your next phone calls with that attitude and you will increase profits, simply because prospects can sense weakness. Confidence and enthusiasm go along way, but dont be fooled and let your prospect control the conversation, let them talk, but dont let them control. When listening, you might want to write down why they are looking for an online opportunity, so you can remind them about it when they want to procrastinate when you go for the close. I would like you to also initiate the close on everyone you talk to, YOU have nothing to lose, and I know you wont get the money if you dont ask. Sor if you can market, then you will ultimately have RFS on steroids.

So wrapping it up, learn how to market, then you will have the confidence to tell people you will teach them how to market. Product is second, its what you say and how you say it. So drive tons of traffic to your site and someone will buy, plain and simple. So lets be honest, all the top companies will stick you in some back office and give you fancy websites and great products, so do your home work and find someone who is actually making money. This will increase your odds of success.

See how Rick Lim became unemployable with no experience. And now works only 1-3 hours a day.

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