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Why People Still Celebrate Grandma Moses Day

This year you are now able to help make grandma moses day that bit more incredible, by sending a free e-card out to friends and family alike. My favorite bit about free e-cards is most definitely that they are totally free. Free e-cards have rapidly grown in popularity, becoming more and more recognized and used as the internet has grown.

I believe one of the key reasons behind this is that free e-cards can be sent from pretty much anywhere in the world to pretty much any other location in the world, as long as you are connected to the web your free e-card will send, and it is the same for receiving free e-cards, as long as you are on the net, you are good to go.

Free e-cards are also very eco friendly, as no paper is ever wasted, so this means no trees are being felled. So all in all global warming is being fought as less Co2 is been converted to Oxygen.

Free e-cards come in so many different categories, it will actually astound you when you see them for yourself. They cover so many different things, from sports like football to fishing to ping pong, to nearly any other hobby or activity or job that you can think of. There are even some that cover funerals, these obviously are very sensitive cards..

Grandma Moses, as she was commonly known, was born Anna May Robertson on September 7, 1860 in Greenwich, New York. She and her husband were farmers at first in Virginia, then settled in Eagle Bridge, New York.

A mother of ten children, Grandma Moses did not begin her painting career until she was well into her seventies, when arthritis had already made it troublesome for her to sew. She concentrated on realistic country scenes, some of which she painted on dried tree mushrooms. She also made ceramic tiles, decorating them with patterns and landscapes.

This remarkable woman undertook the illustration of Clement C. Moore’s renowned poem “”The Night Before Christmas”" at the tender young age of 99.”

She continued working until the summer prior to her death on December 13, 1961. She was 101 years old. Despite not having received any training in the arts, Grandma Moses produced some 1600 pieces of art throughout her time as a folk artist.

Though this date marks the anniversary of Grandma Moses’ birth and the legacy of her amazing accomplishments, it is also an opportunity to follow in the example of her teachings. “Painting’s not important,” she used to say.

“The important thing is keeping busy.”

She stressed the importance of hard work and respect for one’s surroundings. To celebrate accordingly, it would be wise to emulate Grandma Moses’ tireless commitment to her work.

For more information, check out Grandma Moses’ “My Life’s History,” published in 1952.

I send loads of free e-cards annually, mainly to friends and family, occasionally a colleague of mine may be fortunate enough to receive one. But all in all I believe free e-cards have reduced so much hassle in my life and I now never use standard cards.

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